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5 HR Tools for your SaaS Company

One of the most obvious advantages of any SaaS-tool is that “everything is in the cloud”. You don’t need to invest in a huge server park, nor do you need a fancy office building to make things work. Even as an entrepreneur who developed the new SaaS that is going to turn the world upside down, you can rely on partners that supply you with the hardware you need.

You also don’t need a location where clients can visit you, as you can work anytime and anywhere. Frankly, any SaaS start that could not work from the cloud would most likely not convince many clients, nor investors.

As a result, it’s relatively easy to start your SaaS company from the proverbial attic or garage. You and your fellow founders do everything when it needs to be done.


5 HR SaaS Tools

However, as you become successful, it is inevitable that you will need to bring in some outside expertise, or perhaps you just need an extra pair of hands. At first, you will just hire some freelancers and pay them one invoice at a time. But as you grow, it becomes clear that it is more efficient to recruit some people to work directly for your company.

Congratulations, you are now an employer!

The moment you hire your first employee, a lot of things change. Obviously, you need to ensure you get your payroll organized, you’ll likely want to do some performance reviews and all those other things HR professionals do. The first employee is the most challenging hire of them all, as you need to build your entire HR systems from scratch. The fact that you are, most likely, not an HR professional makes it even more tricky.

Fortunately (and as you’d expect), the cloud offers a solution for your HR concerns. Let’s have a look at a few cloud-based HR tools for your SaaS company.


#1 PayFit

As you are still growing, your SaaS company most likely needs an HR tool that is easy to operate and does all the essentials. You want your HR tool to know who works for you when they need to get paid (and how much) and provide you with some reports. As long as your SaaS company is a relatively small operation, you don’t need much more than that.

The French SaaS company PayFit (based in Paris) was founded in 2015 after the founders observed that employers in small and medium enterprises (SME) were unhappy with the available payroll solutions. No solution existed that allowed an employer to quickly manage their payroll without having any prior expertise. In France, this was a huge problem, as the country has a very complex administrative and legal system built around the employer-employee relationship.

Now, about 6 years later, PayFit helps 5,000 companies, ranging from online dating app Happn, English professional educator Learning Curve Group, digital receipt builder Flux, and Enterprise AI-company DataIku.

While PayFit was started to help companies properly pay their salaries, the SaaS company grows with your needs. Expand your subscription to include several HR tools, such as workflow validation, leave and absence management and team calendars, and of course onboarding tools.


#2 Bambee

Recruiting new employees is hard. You could of course post the job on your website and socials (and you should) but let’s be honest: these channels reach only a small part of the available workforce. Unless your SaaS company is the new media favorite, there’s a good chance that the best candidate has not even heard of you yet.

So how do you find that perfect employee that helps your SaaS company grow even faster? You could hire a full-time recruiter, of course, but that’s not very cost-effective if you need only one or two employees. Your investors wouldn’t be too happy if you were to squander their funds like that.

Although…. With the Bambee recruitment platform, you basically do just that. If your SaaS company is based in the USA you can use Bambee as a full HR department for only $99 per month.

It covers everything you could possibly need, from offer letters and contracts (which can be signed using E-signatures), training, record-keeping, policies, and pretty much anything you could possibly think of.


#3 Papaya Global

Any SaaS entrepreneur risks becoming terribly successful. If your SaaS startup reaches the point where you have offices in several countries, you need a platform that helps you manage a global workforce. With legislation about payrolling and social security being different in every nation, it becomes a pretty hard task to pay salaries without a single error.

Papaya Global, founded in 2016, enables you to automate your payroll in more than 140 countries. It does not only help you with payroll, but also with EoR and contractors. With this tool, you don’t need to spend all your time trying to update your legal knowledge – a task you’d most likely not succeed at anyway.

Using the handy reports, you can easily analyze your staff costs, neatly arranged per region, and recognize trends.

Ensuring your people get paid for their work is not the only thing this HR tool offers your SaaS company though, it also supports you in your recruitment and hiring, facilitates onboarding, and manages your compliance, accuracy Of course-data security is also guaranteed.

Papaya Global is based in New York (USA).


#4 Eightfold

50 years ago something changed. The old idea that the only thing that motivated people was their salary lost ground to the notion that there’s more to life than a salary. Sure, salary still is important, but as sociologist Frederick Herzberg discovered it is not something that makes your employee happy. A terrible salary can drive people away, and it will! But if you want your top talent to stay with your SaaS company, you need to offer more than a bag of money.

What exactly it is that motivates your best employees to work for you is different for every single individual. Eightfold uses AI to help you manage and retain those high-performing employees. More, it helps them perform even higher. It helps reskill and upskill your workforce, recruit top talent and infuse more diversity in your team.

Large companies such as Bayer,, Hulu, and Capital One rely on Eightfold which was founded only 5 years ago. However, the AI-expertise founders Ashutosh Garg and Varun Kachilia brought to the table turned out to be very persuasive. It helped land some large clients and helped reel in investors who invested a total amount of $ 176.8 million in the SaaS talent manager.


#5 Talentsoft

If your SaaS company is based in the EU, you might be wary of US SaaS companies. Legislation in the US and EU is different, especially when it comes to sensitive information.

A European Court ruled that EU companies cannot actually use newsletter service MailChimp because data was stored in the US. If it is not legal to send data about newsletters to US servers, one should be very cautious about sending a complete personnel file across the Atlantic.

Considering this, choosing a European HR tool for your EU-based SaaS company makes a lot of sense. As they are in the EU, you know with reasonable certainty they are GDPR-compliant.

TalentSoft was founded in 2007 by Alexandre Pachulski, Jean Stephane Arcis, and Joel Bentolila. The company has quickly become the market leader in Europe, offering an HR tool for  “SaaS-based integrated Competencies and Talent Management”.

Their solutions not only cover core HR processes but also recruiting and hiring and talent management and learning.

Oh, and if your SaaS company is not EU-based, you can still work with this SaaS tool, as TalentSoft also has subsidiaries and affiliates everywhere, from Asia to the US, from Canada to Africa.


A wide array of HR tools for your SaaS company

When you hire your first employee, you will need to make a lot of decisions. Luckily, you do not need to do it all on your own. There is a huge availability of HR tools that can help you out. In this article, we only had space to discuss 5 SaaS-based HR tools which have proven to outperform their peers.

Choosing one of these would in most cases be a safe bet. But who knows, perhaps you feel these tools don’t cover a vital HR process. Or maybe you disagree with our selection. Perhaps you know about an HR SaaS tool that beats them all. Perhaps your SaaS startup is going to top the list next time we compose an article like this. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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