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Why Join A SaaS Community?

Why in the world Join a SaaS Community? 😱

Good question 

Last week I was sharing a ViaVan with a tech dude in Amsterdam 

I told him I was working on a SaaS community for startups and SaaS companies in Europe. 

He asked a lot of questions 

So i thought i would write a blog in his honor ;P And to answer this burning question 


Idea sharing

Communities are nice for sharing ideas, plans, tips and tricks. You can learn from people, and meet people you need to join a community or find like minded. 

I am trying to build a community for european companies and SaaS enthousiast to share all kind of ideas. Think it would be great if we all help each other getting your business or career to the next level. 

Building a SaaS business or a Thriving career in SaaS can be super challenging. Why not share your experiences and talk to like minded? Well that was one reason why I decided to start 

Find upcoming startups 

How cool is to find new companies that are trying to build a business? I talk to so many startup founders, entrepreneurs and people trying to work out certain ideas. Could be relevant to keep an eye on all these kind of SaaS Companies and see which one are growing. Maybe you can invest in early stage startups in Europe or find that perfect SaaS job at growing company. 

When i moved to Amsterdam to work for Vainu is joined this SaaS company when they opened a new office in Amsterdam. I found by pure luck the vacancy on a forum somewhere and it kind of changed my career. I was super lucky to join a fast growing startup in that stage and learned so much. I want to build a similar kind of platform with the SaaS Jobboard I made. 

Content is usefull 

Learn more from each other, learn new tools, skills and processes. I try to keep my blogs fun and informative so people will learn and share. Communities with blogs can really help you get new information. And we do live in an information age. Or atleast, thats what everybody is saying so it must be true ;P 


How great is it to meet new people? 

How great is it to meet like minded people? 

How great is it to meet somebody who knows what the word SaaS means? 

How great is it to meet people who know how hard it can be to work for a SaaS company? 

Well pretty awesome probably, so join a SaaS Community 😉 

If you have any more input please do let me know! 😎

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