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What is in the SaaS Company Database?

SaaS Companies Database of European Companies

Over the last few years the SaaS industry has been growing. And looking at the research done by Gartner it looks like the SaaS market , PaaS market & IaaS market will not slow down the upcoming years. Interesting stuff. Gatner predicts that the market size for SaaS companies will be 113.1 billion U.S Dollars. Comparred to 2017 it doubled in size 😱

Growing market – source: Gartner

So the market is growing, companies are getting more and more digital and embracing SaaS in their business model and company. At we thought this would be interesting and decided to develop a full SaaS database for Companies and Scalups so our community can easily find and search for companies and startups to follow. If you check the database you can easily filter on different kind of requirements like industrie, topic or funding a certain company got. Do check it out, we used these kind of requirements in the SaaS database: 

Logo & company name

Very logic, but we start with the logo and SaaS company name to give a clear overview of the basics of this company or Startup.


After the logo and SaaS company name you can see the industry the SaaS company is working in. The first industries we have added at this moment are: Marketing, HR, CRM, Sales, Operational. Of course there are many more niche industries which we can add if needed. With the industry filter you can easily make a list of saas companies. So if you do have a great suggestion for a industry do let us know 😉 


Beside the industry there is also an option to filter on country. Want to find a local SaaS company? No problem just select the right filter and you are good to go. At this point we added the following countries: Verenigd Koninkrijk, Frankrijk, Spanje, Italie, Duitsland, Zweden, Noorwegen, Finland, Denemarken, Belgie, Nederland, Rusland, Turkije, Roemenie, Polen.


Want to find SaaS companies that got funded? Well then the funding filter is the one for you. The funding filter starts with all bootstrapped companies. After the bootstrap filter we have 0- 500k , 500k -2 mil , 2 mill – 10 mill and all 10 million + funded companies.


Monthly recurring revenue filter lets you see how much revenue the certain company / Startup has.

Website & CEO

The last requirements in the SaaS database are the website of the company and the CEO. This could be an easy way to reach out to the ceo and explore more on the website.

Good luck! 😎

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