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10 Killer Sales Tools To Use For Your SaaS Business

Toolmaniacs – you will love this post 😉

10 killer sales tools to use for your SaaS company, especially number 10 is insane useful

1- CRM -> Pipedrive / Salesforce

The hart of your sales proces. It’s love hate between sales people and CRM’s. Update all the info is something that is needed but not always done. If you keep updating your CRM systematic you will see the results.

2- Duxsoup

Duxsoup let’s you automatically connect to relevant people in your target group. Think about a great note to add with your invitation. You can also use this to target people for events or webinars. We used it to push our event signups and it worked pretty well.

3- Lusha

Scrape direct phone numbers and e-mail addresses from LinkedIn profiles. Why call a desk number when you can find somebodies direct number.

4- Qwilr

After a demo you need a great follow up and summary of the information you talked about in the demo. Qwillr is a fun tool that lets you design pages that you can send as a summary for a demo. Also a real great feature is the analytics that let’s you see if your prospect viewed your content.

5- Sales navigator

I think LinkedIn created a monopoly on business information and job descriptions. Search for your target audience and connect with a great note. Enrich your LinkedIn audience.

6-Get accept

Getaccept is a good solution to sell proposals and know if your prospects actually viewed it. Analytics is pretty sweet in this tool, but also giving sales people hart attacks. A prospect viewed my proposal 10 times but did not sign yet… what happend. We all know the struggle 😉

7- Mailshake

Export all your old contact out of your CRM system. The ones you haven’t talked to for 7 or 8 months. Export them all to a CSV and send them an e-mail that you are cleaning up your CRM and was wondering if your solution is still relevant to them. Works great! Just upload them in Mailshake and e-mail them all.

8- Vainu

Collect all data about your prospects, find the right time to reach out to them. Good sales people do there homework, helps you with that.

9- Fiverr

Data enrichment, Linkedin Scraping, e-mail scraping you name it and you will find it on Fiverr. The world is a big place, there is always somebody willing to do these kind of tasks for a respectable fiver

10- Your phone ;P

Just call prospects. We are all humans and we all want human interaction. So no bull**** but pick up the phone and start calling.

Do you have any tools to add? We are always looking for the best and latest tools in the b2b sales space.

Let me know your thoughts! 💪

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