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Marketing Manager for high-growth SaaS startup

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Industry HR
Job category Marketing


As a marketing genius, you’ve probably heard this one before: “This is an exciting role with great opportunity…” Even though you might have been tired of hearing it, we genuinely believe that this might actually be one! 🤩

Here’s why:

  • The problem we want to solve: Millions of people apply for a new job every single day, but most of them end up having a terrible experience. It’s bad for the applicant and it’s bad for the employers as they lose talent AND business.
  • The solution: – a platform for HR that provides data & feedback from applicants all the way from job ad and confirmation email to rejection and job offer. That way applicants can share their honest feedback about the process and HR departments know where and how to get better.

To reach our full potential, we are looking for an exceptionally motivated, curious and results-driven Marketing Manager to join and help us spread the word 📣

We already have an awesome product and acquired some pretty cool companies like Bitpanda, Unity, Volvo, Danfoss, Delivery Hero, Trustpilot, and we could go on and on ⏩

… and did we mention we doubled our ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) in the last three months? We want you to turbo boost that growth 🚀

What’s the setup like? 🤔 is founded by experienced entrepreneurs giving us extra firepower, as they bring their expertise and drive to make the business a success 🦄

We got our first funding last year and are now looking for the next to fuel our growth – so even though it’s a startup, you’ll actually get a decent budget to spend 💰

The last six months we’ve focused on lubricating the product, sales growth engine and building a new content growth engine 💥

To become the next unicorn, we mainly apply 3 ingredients: 🧪

  • Data, rooting everything we do in evidence – but we also add a fair amount of gut feeling.
  • Design, to create a world-class and humane product experience.
  • Technology, powering the product, enabling us to scale and help people regardless of geography, time and usage.

What are my responsibilities going to be?

It’s actually quite simple: Use your marketing skills to make world-class marketing and ultimately shape the company towards world domination 🌎

In slightly more details, you’ll be responsible for building and leading your own marketing team, take ownership of our marketing efforts and of course help build an awesome company with the rest of the team!

We have made a more detailed description below, but please challenge us on it – you’re the expert here, remember? 😉

What we believe you’ll be doing:

  • Manage and develop our website towards world-class conversion (built in Webflow).
  • Oversee the development, distribution and strategic efforts of our content strategy. This primarily includes our weekly industry newsletter Candidate Caffeine (you’ll get help from Ackermann), our weekly in-depth article (you’ll get help from Somera) and webinars.
  • LinkedIn! Power up our LinkedIn efforts – all our potential customers live and breathe on that platform!
  • Give our partnership efforts a turbo boost. This includes integrations to ATSs (Applicant Tracking Systems) – we don’t expect you to know much about this, so let’s discuss it during the interviews.
  • Tracking and data is at the core of everything we do, so that’ll automatically be part of your job too.
  • Work closely with product, sales and customer success.
  • Be a continuous learner and practitioner of experiments, hacks and great marketing efforts.
  • We could continue name dropping things we believe you should do. But the above mentioned will initially be your main responsibilities – and then based on your advice and results, we’ll ongoingly add more to it. You are the expert here, remember? 😉

What be believe we are looking for (but feel free to enlighten us):

  • 2-5 years (min. 2 years hands-on) marketing experience, preferably within startups/scaleups, tech, SaaS and/or enterprise.
  • Strong understanding of marketing and what it takes to run all marketing efforts in a high-growth startup.
  • Ability to balance data and gut feeling to move fast.
  • You don’t need to be a developer, but we expect you to be pretty tech-savvy.
  • We expect you to be highly self-driven and to take ownership of your responsibilities.
  • Results-driven without forgetting the process along the way.
  • Ability to speak and understand English.

Our current growth tech stack:

  • Webflow
  • Segment
  • Google Analytics
  • Demio
  • Notion
  • ActiveCampaign
  • HubSpot
  • Loom
  • Zapier

So, what do we offer?

Whatever it takes for you to become a success with us! We’re in this together…

Practical stuff

We are reviewing applications and interviewing on an ongoing basis – we want to hire as soon as we find the right candidate. So you better be quick.

We are open to building with talent from around the world, but being located in Copenhagen is a plus.

So… this was quite a lot of information. But we hope it (at least) made sense and if not, feel free to reach out to our Head of Growth & Marketing, Thomas B. Kjølhede for information via tk[at]

If you got inspired, we truly hope to hear from you!

For more information or questions please contact us at




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