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Growth Development Specialist (Inbound)

Work with us @ Learningbank
Industry Edtech
Job category Sales


The learning market is growing fast and companies are looking for learning solutions to attract, onboard, upskill and train employees like never before. Learningbank has gained great traction because of our awesome user experience, fast implementation, prebuild learning content, and great customer adoption and support.

Great customer experience is key to Learningbank and to keep growing we are building a new team within Sales – Introducing Learningbank´s Business Development Team. The team is going to be an important role to scale our business and we are looking for the best talents to come on the journey.

The Role:

The sales & market development team handles the start of the customer journey and is split into 2 roles: Inbound and Outbound. The Growth Development Specialist is the inbound role. Your focus area will be engaging with Inbound prospects, nurturing and qualifying them. You will be a part of a new team of 3 people having the possibility to impact and influence how the role and team are going to develop.

  • Engaging with inbound leads, sharing relevant content, and moving them along in the sales process.
  • Identify the prospects’ needs, challenges, objectives, and pains.
  • Create short personalized videos as a part of your outreach.
  • Presenting Learningbank and our products to potential prospects
  • Nurturing and qualifying leads from Inbound as sales opportunities
  • Set up meetings/demos between potential customers and Sales Executives.
  • Working closely with the sales team to reach the monthly and quarterly revenue targets.


We are seeking a person that has great communication skills and is consistent and curious. You have a minimum of 12 months of sales experience preferably in a SaaS company or maybe consultancy services such as recruitment – and enjoy talking to potential customers.

  • Strong work ethic and are consistent.
  • Great communication (both verbal and written) and presentation skills
  • Structured and organizes your day
  • You are a good listener and have a natural curiosity that makes you ask questions and goes deeper.
  • You have a good understanding of standard sales tools.
  • Able to quickly understand customer needs and how the company value proposition is situated within that context
  • Enjoy working with a high activity level and thrive in a fast-paced sales environment
  • Professionally fluent in Danish and English
  • If you have knowledge or experience with onboarding, learning, training, or employee development it is a plus.

What you will love about Learningbank

Hi, we are Learningbank – our mission is to create the world’s best learning enabler for our customers. Yes, that requires hard and dedicated work. However, we use our expertise, curiosity and commitment together with the best that we can, and that drives us to deliver outstanding work for our customers. Why do we work with this mission? Because we want to make employees happier by making them better.

So, how do we do it? In Learningbank, team spirit is key. We work closely together and thrive to be on this journey; a journey to reach our goals and live out our dreams. Most importantly, we have fun and laugh while doing it, and we bear in mind that every single day at work should be full of excitement. We are a lot of different personalities, and everyone has a set of skills that together make the boat float.

We are proud to work at a place where all Learningbankers can succeed and grow their career – a place where talent can flourish. We have successes together, and we learn and become better together. We strive to have a positive work environment where people feel they belong, where they produce great work, and can achieve their goals. Do you want to be a part of building the dream of Learningbank, while growing together with the rest of the team?

Then raise your sails, because maybe you could be our next Learningbanker – and be a part of a company where everyone regardless of their position pulls together to create one boat that is moving forward together in the right direction and with the same pace.

About Learningbank

Learningbank is a young and rapidly growing danish scale-up that consists of 40+ passionate Learningbankers such as Learning experts, creative daredevils and developers, and learning enthusiasts. We have created the world’s first Learning Life Cycle platform, that assists and engages companies with digital learning. We are a learning partner, and our vision is to create happier employees by helping companies making their employees better.

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