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Our high-quality GPS tracking with fantastic customer support is truly changing the industry. Most GPS and software companies view customer support as a waste of resources. They look for ways to automate it, outsource it, or charge extra for it. We think that’s very shortsighted.


We see amazing customer support as an essential part of standing behind our product. When it comes to being responsive and proactive, we strive to leave every other GPS tracking company in the dust


We believe that to earn your business and keep it we have to provide a market-leading product. We source our products directly from the top manufacturers of GPS tracking devices in the USA. We offer a no-risk, 100-day money-back guarantee. Cancellations are so rare that we even cover shipping both ways. How’s that for confidence?


Industry: Other
Funding: Bootstrapped
CEO: Ryan Dale

Team members

Ryan Dale

Director at One Step GPS

I am the Director of One Step GPS, a company that has been doing custom corporate GPS tracking since 2010. I truly believe we are the only major GPS tracking company perfectly positioned to meet the needs of most companies in this extremely competitive and cost-sensitive age.

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