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QVALON is a unified system for managing quality standards, business processes and employees. It is used by large trading companies with more than 10,000 stores, banks and restaurant chains. The number of customer accounts in the system already exceeds 50,000 and continues to grow.

QVALON is a mobile and web application. Internet access is enough to work with it. With its help you will be able to monitor compliance with quality standards in the company, assess the effectiveness of business processes, manage staff working hours, monitor the performance of store directors and contractors.

Additionally, we can collect data from the internet about customer brands, analyze that data, and then combine it with data from internal audit departments with real customer feedback. This provides a 360 degree analysis of how well operational processes are functioning, as well as specific opportunities for improvement.

QVALON is free for commands of up to 10 people with a set of tools sufficient to perform checks using checklists.

QVALON — Reach the gold standard

Industry: Operational
Funding: Bootstrapped

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