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Helpfull is a real-time feedback platform that allows you to get instant feedback from 1000’s of people in minutes. By creating a survey on Helpfull, you can compare two logos, brand names, Amazon store images, book covers, videos, product designs, graphic designs, ad copy & more!


Helpfull has a pool of thousands of US-based people who are ready to give you feedback within minutes. You can pick specific demographics ensuring you get feedback from your organization’s target audience. When you create your survey on Helpfull, you will receive fast and informative feedback from real people. Create an account for free and run your first survey right now.


Try Helpfull today to see why so many Business Owners, Amazon sellers, Graphic designers, E-commerce companies, Authors, Content creators, Marketers, & Researchers use the feedback to make better decisions.


Industry: Marketing
Funding: Bootstrapped
CEO: David Batchelor

Team members

David Batchelor

Founder of Helpfull

Serial entrepreneur with a strong background in online sales & marketing. Started a bunch of businesses over the years; a lot failed, some did good and a couple did great.

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