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TriggerMesh believes developers will increasingly build applications as a mesh of cloud-native functions and services from multiple cloud providers and on-premises. We believe this architecture is the best way for agile businesses to deliver effortless digital experiences.

TriggerMesh is the first product that leverages Kubernetes and Knative to provide application integration across clouds and on-premises. With TriggerMesh, you can automate enterprise workflows by connecting applications, cloud services, and serverless functions.

Cloud-native applications are becoming more popular. As a result, the number of functions that are hosted across disparate cloud infrastructure is proliferating. TriggerMesh breaks down cloud silos to provide true cross-cloud portability and interoperability.

Industry: Other
Funding: Bootstrapped
CEO: Mark Hinkle

Team members

Mark Hinkle

CEO of TriggerMesh

Technology strategist, marketing, and open source expert experienced in creating demand for emerging technologies and catalyst for user-led adoption of new products and services.

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