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Our referral marketing and customer retention platform fuels growth for businesses around the world.

Connecting with customers and prospects is hard.

Advertising costs are rising, budgets are tightening and consumers are bombarded with countless marketing messages every day.

You need a cost-effective solution that cuts through the noise. You need the Mention Me platform.

Our products seamlessly integrate into your marketing stack so you can encourage, measure and reward loyal customers who love your brand enough to recommend it to others and keep coming back themselves.

Mention Me Refer acquires new customers for your brand; Mention Me Retain keeps them.

But we’re more than our cutting-edge technology. It’s our people who make us special.

You can count on our experts to act as an extension of your own marketing team, ready to advise on every element of your refer-a-friend and customer retention marketing strategies to help deliver the very best results for your brand.

We’re striving for a world where brands connect with the right audiences, consumers use brands with confidence, and loyalty is recognised. Join us.

Industry: Marketing
Funding: $2.000.000 - $10.000.000
CEO: Andy Cockburn
Amount of funding 7000000




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