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We’re here to help teams achieve their goals by enabling a fresh way of working. This revolves around a well-defined strategy that’s shared throughout a company, so everyone is on the same page. It allows teams to set clear goals, track their own progress, and have the autonomy they need. It’s something that most companies already aspire to, but are challenged to make a reality.

That’s where our TV dashboards come in. We offer businesses a more effective way to communicate their goals and strategy. We connect teams to the impact of their work and foster an open culture. We help founders and team leaders ensure that important data gets seen and acted on.

Geckoboard’s founder Paul Joyce on where it all began

Prior to starting Geckoboard I was a developer, designing and building data warehouses. I could see the enormous potential of data to support teams and individuals in a business. After all, if teams could see the right data at the right time how could it not help with better, faster decision making?

But in my experience this rarely happened. Instead, huge amounts of raw data would be collected, teams of data analysts would use expensive Business Intelligence tools to probe that data for insights, and the end result was often a PDF report or spreadsheet that would go to just a few individuals. Most people within the business never saw key data.

Paul Joyce- Geckoboard’s founder

Everything we do is designed to enable this mechanism, from our product to our values and processes.

We continue to explore what it takes to unleash the power of data for organizations that are always, at their heart, human. We see TV dashboards as a data broadcast and distribution tool that fundamentally changes people’s relationship with data for the better.

Industry: Operational
Funding: $500.000 - $2.000.000
CEO: Paul Joyce
Amount of funding 1800000




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