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Background Remover Net


Background remover Net is a free online service to remove background automatically. It is a very important task to remove background from an image and leave only foreground objects like t-shirts, shoes, coats, etc. For a long time, this task needed manual work, but for now, deep learning has come to help us!


An algorithm based on a neural network. At the first stage, we prepared a database of images with foreground and background. Then manually removed background from images and trained the neural network. And now the neural network knows how foreground and background should look and how to separate them. You should just upload an image and get the result without background.


It is a useful tool for e-commerce, online shops, photographers, freelancers, retouchers, bloggers to speed up the process of removing the background and make it automatically. Also, it is much faster than manually approaching. Service working from a browser online and now it is free.


Industry: Other
Funding: Bootstrapped
CEO: Evgen Gunya

Team members

Evgen Gunya

Background Remover Net Team

Evgen Gunya is part of the Background Remover Net team. He is a computer vision algorithm developer that has an interest in Image Processing, C++, Machine Learning, and more.

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