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Bundly – Sales Enablement System


Bundly’s mission is to help salespeople reach their full potential by making sure they have access to the right content at the right time. We know what it’s like to work at the frontlines of sales organisations, where sales actually happen, and how important it is to have the best possible sales enablement tool to show customers that you have exactly what they need and desire. Imagining, designing and offering this tool, so that salespeople everywhere and anywhere can ace their game, is what drives us.


Designed to simplify

Our strategy to accomplish this is to greatly simplify how sales material is distributed, personalised and kept up to date within the organisation. Bundly is a sales enablement tool focused on people, not content as one may intuitively think. By taking away the headaches and the friction around sales presentations, follow-up emails and lead-generation at the frontlines, Bundly allow people to grow using their innate abilities as salespeople. A.k.a. putting the human connection first.


Drama free solution

On the surface, Bundly may simply look like a content management platform for sales organisations. But underneath that, it is an empowerment tool for the most important people in those organisations: The closers.


What we offer is a software allowing salespeople to focus on what’s most important: How to build trust and connection with their customers. How to build confidence in themselves and in what they are selling. And how to completely remove the stress related to making, organising and finding sales presentations and additional content. If you want to work in a hassle free and uncomplicated digital environment, Bundly would be the choice for you!


”Bundly makes it easy to look good”


Bundlys content management platform is the fastest and most effective way for emerging Sales Enablement Managers to get their SE-initiatives up and running. Bundlys strategic customers are organisations where the SE function is under development and managers are tasked with setting up policies, routines, goals, teams, platforms, etc.


On your terms!

Bundly can offer three key effects, measurable within 90 days from launch:

  • Increased face time with customers
    • The sales rep doesn´t have to spend as much time searching for sales related content, it´s all available in the app, including customizations.
  • Increased sales quality, i.e. less post-sale issues
    • Sales reps can easily share content and presentations instantly from within the app.
  • Increased salespeople morale
    • With a good-looking, and easily used tool, the sales reps are geared up for success!


Here are some examples of Bundlys customers: Haglofs (Outdoor), Dentsply (Dental), Bosch Rexroth (Heavy industry).


Please visit Bundlys site to find out more

Industry: Sales
Funding: $500.000 - $2.000.000
CEO: Niklas Axelsson
Amount of funding 1000000




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