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We started out in 2011 as an IT&C company, founded by the Nourescu brothers (Cezar & Bogdan). Initially, we developed complex custom cloud based software for B2B.

Being passionate about agricuture and tech, it motivated us to investigate further more into the farmers’ problems that can be solved with cutting edge technology.

In 2015, we started working on, a local application for managing contracts between farmers and landowners, which brought us closer to the agriculture industry’s demands.

Thus, we found a new challenge: one of our customers needed to automate the temperature reading process of their storage systems.

We help farmers to better preserve their stored grains and increase profits by mixing sensors and hardware devices with cloud and mobile apps. Till now they trusted us to monitor over 1.000.000 tonnes in more than 50 farms.

Industry: Other
Funding: Bootstrapped
CEO: Cezar Nourescu
MRR 16600

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