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Great experiences do not need to come at the expense of users’ privacy and security. Rather, we believe that privacy and security can help support great experiences.

YData aims to support a world lead by data by enabling organizations to guarantee their user’s privacy and be GDPR compliant (and also compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act), while using their data.

Through the application of AI techniques in our data pipelines, we are able to create new synthetic data similar to the original one, that besides guaranteeing users privacy, it’s not proprietary.

We strongly believe that the conscious use of data must start with the data curators and, as a DaaS provider, we designed our pipelines and even the resulting datasets, in a secure way, such that the use of private data is no longer an issue.

We ensure that we can quickly serve organizations to leverage data and AI to innovate and reinvent their business without having to worry about data collection, engineering and ownership.

YData makes data available with privacy by design.

Industry: Data
Funding: $500.000 - $2.000.000
CEO: Gonçalo Martins Ribeiro
Amount of funding 500000

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