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In the billions and billions of lines of code written, engineers are building software and services we’ll use every day to progress in our work and our lives. It’s not an easy task – they have to work under the pressures of producing software of supreme quality at a faster and faster time to ship. The engineers of the future don’t want to be held back by the mistakes of the past.

That’s why we built Codacy, the platform that saves developers thousands of hours of time in code review and code quality monitoring. We wanted to let engineers get on with the parts of their work that will change the world, while we make the process of creating high quality software easy.


Codacy’s team of +40 is growing quickly to support thousands of new customers every day. We like to combine different voices and viewpoints, different backgrounds and skills, different ways of thinking and looking at problems to find the best possible solution so we invest in research, engineering, growth, customer support, and many other fileds to bring the most out of Codacy in the end.
We enjoy to get to know each other outside of work topics and our work environment. We find that it is much cooler when you actually work with friends!


These are our values that guide us everyday, in everything that we do.

Come as you are. Funny, caring and a little weird.
What is right for the team first. Curiosity without egos.
Build knowledge listening. Brutally honest but kind.
Create value. Have backbone; focus on customers.






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