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Reditus is a partner management tool for B2B SaaS businesses. It offers a marketplace that allows you to grow a new revenue channel outside your own network and without the use of a marketing budget.


It will help you to manage and motivate partners with the goal of helping you to grow your partner program and revenue on auto-pilot.


Reditus has been privacy verified, we offer SEO-friendly links and live chat for partners & customers. We want to help you grow your SaaS, and when you do well, we will do well.


Industry: Marketing
Funding: Bootstrapped
CEO: Joran Hofman

Team members

Joran Hofman

Founder of Reditus

Joran Hofman is a B2B Growth Enthusiast with an equal passion for both Sales and Marketing. He has founded two companies, Sales Loves Marketing and Reditus as well as being the Head of CS at Leadfeeder.

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