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Woosh5 is an online platform for building personal resilience, specially designed and backed by science with one-on-one coaching.  Whether you’re facing a challenge in life or want to increase mental strength in all situations, our programs give you the tools you need to thrive. We call this “resilience building” and it impacts all areas of your life; work, relationships, and daily life all benefit from increased mental resilience.

Our online platform takes you through professionally curated treks based on your initial resilience assessment. You can also message and video chat with your personal resilience coach in a one-on-one session. You’ll have access to more than 200 resilience exercises that you can take on your schedule. Follow your accomplishments and track your performance in your program dashboard to truly see how you’ve grown.


Woosh5 was founded in 2015 in The Netherlands and has been quickly growing internationally. We have worked closely with major businesses like Heineken and ING Group as early adopters to develop our product. Our goal has been to make resilience coaching accessible to everyone and not just the business leaders. Mental resilience is a human trait that is important all over the world. We started working in multiple countries early on and have created a partnership in Singapore and the USA where we began serving clients in 2019.

Industry: HR
Funding: $500.000 - $2.000.000
CEO: Robert Rigby Hall
Amount of funding 500000

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