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Stop wasting meeting time.

Our customers complete near 70% of their agenda before the meeting, leaving room for priority topics, that are well-prepared.

Organizing great meetings is simple if you consider them as a process.

You don’t need a lot of rules, you just need to apply two principles:

1) Create ownership in advance, and

2) Only discuss in meetings what truly belongs there.

Creating ownership means making somebody responsible for each agenda item and making sure the process of setting goals, information sharing, discussion and decision making gets started well before the meeting. This is what Yabbu facilitates, simply and brilliantly.

Doing so, only topics that are ripe for discussion are left for the actual face-to-face meeting. Any topics that are not ready nor worth discussing face-to-face, are completed inside Yabbu, without wasting valuable time. This approach is proven to result in:

●  Fewer and shorter meetings;

●  Better and faster decisions;

●  True commitment.

Industry: Operational
Funding: Bootstrapped
CEO: Willem Jacobs





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