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The collaborative platform designed for organizations like enterprises, schools, associations, and institutions. No more multiple chats to follow and just a single thread with drill-down features, the possibility to map processes and departments or classes, selective communication for each message, and many other features available by design. Many apps available for:

  1. advanced document management
  2. management of customers, suppliers, employees, students, buildings, plants with dedicate collaboration environment
  3. complete course and event management (project, publication online, payments and subscriptions management, class and community collaboration)
  4. Integrations for Office 365, PowerBI, Google Suite, Dropbox and many more
  5. productivity applications built by third parties (time tracking on field, quality check, data analysis, IoT…)

In addition, you can use SweetHive as a distribution and collaboration layer of your existing applications inside your organization.

Industry: IT
Funding: 0$ - $500.000
CEO: Danilo Rea

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