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Description is a platform that allows you to connect your WooCommerce store to a sophisticated AI tool that will communicate personalized product recommendations to your customers via emails or text messages. mission is to reduce the resources needed from a business that wants to operate a recommendation engine and eliminate the complexity that comes along with communicating to customers in an omni-channel fashion. We to this in several stages:

  • In the first stage consumes a large sample of customers orders taken in our client’s online shop. This is done in order to train machine learning models and give them enough data so that they will be able to produce good recommendations for our client’s customers.
  • In the second stage we will connect the store directly to so it will have a constant feed of orders and products that will enrich the machine learning models and enable them to optimize the recommendations.
  • In the third stage we will communicate the recommendations to the client’s customers, as we monitor their engagement, behaviour and subsequent product purchases. Those interactions will also be fed back to in order to further optimize future customer recommendations.
Industry: Marketing
Funding: Bootstrapped
CEO: Omer Gafny

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