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Dev Technoys is the best SaaS product & application development company in USA whose SaaS app developers provide incredible SaaS development services & solutions.


At Dev Technosys, we aim at offering you world-class SaaS application development services and maintenance services that help you in capturing the market. Hire saas developers to build applications that are successfully reducing the overall operational costs and strengthen your business infrastructure with the help of high-end hosted software. We deploy expert and qualified SaaS application developer that has advance knowledge of each SaaS Software development layer and cutting edge technology.


There is no denying the fact that SaaS-based solutions have a bright future –as per the market experts. As per a recent Garner report in 2017, the sales of the advanced SaaS solutions are expected to continue to grow up to around 20 percent every year. The expected growth of SaaS-based solutions is from around $39 Billion US Dollars in 2016 to reach around $76 billion US Dollars by around 2021. The latest innovations that take place in the SaaS-based solutions along with the growing number of SaaS Vendors are expected to bring about the rapid growth in the given industry.


SaaS – Software as a Service is a popular cloud-based software solution as well as a famous delivery model. In the given model, the cloud service provider is responsible for developing and maintaining the cloud application software solutions while providing automatic software updates using an internet connection. At the same time, the service provider is also responsible for making the software solution available to the respective customers with the help of Internet services.

Industry: IT
Funding: Bootstrapped
CEO: Tarun Nagar

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