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Buying, integrating and maintaining different software tools in user onboarding and product training creates a lot of unnecessary financial and technical overhead and it consumes a lot of time. Dashfrugal is an alternative solution that helps you to drive trial user onboarding and In-app product training remotely, which helps your users to adopt the product feature in the first few days of their product journey.

About Dashfrugal

Dashfrugal is a new-age digital adoption platform built for product-driven companies especially SaS companies to drive customer onboarding, in-app walkthrough, and product training which helps their users to learn the software effectively during the first few days of the product journey, which improves the software’s feature adoption rate that gradually increases retention rate.

Dashfrugal will,

–  Reduce user onboarding cost by 75%

–  Cut product training time by 70% on average

–  3X more effectiveness in software feature adoption

Benefits of using Dashfrugal

– Assists software providers to onboard and engage new user

– Catalyzing the feature adoption rate

– Increasing trial to the subscription ratio

– Reduce customer support tickets

– Reducing post-sales customer support efforts

Industry: CRM
Funding: 0$ - $500.000
CEO: Rahul VP
MRR 15000
Amount of funding 1000000

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