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bloxxone digital GmbH


With the new product flowbloxx, bloxxone offers the first integration support for enterprise product launches that focuses on the company processes and not just the interface itself. Customer specific adjustments on the part of the product provider and the target company are reduced to a minimum. In simple terms, Bloxxone is the “kit” between both worlds and therefore an indispensable part of every enterprise integration. This optimization is achieved through a series of intelligently acting Flowbloxx components, which can be used individually as a UI interface, interface, logic, database, blockchain and much more. Can be combined, linked and integrated in both directions in any complex manner. These bloxx processes combined in this way can be made available as a whole within the company or proposed to the community as a solution.

Community developments, on the other hand, can be implemented in your own process chain in just a few simple steps. Bloxxone bills all services based on the data flow between individual Bloxx in the process chain. Based on scalable assumptions, Flowbloxx calculates the optimal process chain and thus optimizes the costs. Reduce your costs for integration projects. Minimize the risk of project cancellations, downtime and reversals. Do without customer-specific developments in your product, in your enterprise solution.

Industry: IT
Funding: Bootstrapped
CEO: Timo Bakenecker, Tim Bonner

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