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A new way to accelerate your contract management.


Paperless is a new and innovative approach to contract management. We help companies transition from disconnected paper and PDF-based processes to an online solution, where they can create, electronically sign and manage intelligent documents on a single platform. For more productivity and a better customer experience.


Paperless helps your business:

  • Create, send, electronically sign and track documents in a single streamlined flow
  • Impress customers with an excellent and intuitive signing experience on any device
  • Save time and reduce errors by automating manual work
  • Collect signatures in seconds and decrease turn-around times by 85%
  • Integrate with your existing tools with our superior API

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Industry: IT
Funding: Bootstrapped
CEO: Sebastian Herd
Amount of funding 1.000000

Team members

Sebastian Herd

Co-Founder & CEO

Jan Scheurenbrand

Co-Founder & CEO


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