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Plazz is driven by technical innovations and creative approaches to problems. We aren’t just working within the digital age, no, we are living it.

As digital experts for the here and now, the tomorrow and maybe the day after tomorrow we aren’t just developing a standard solution. Most of the time it all begins with a strong idea, collecting input from all sources and then creating a foundation on which we and our client can confidently build on.

In 2013 we decided to set a new milestone. With the Mobile Event App, we started development of a software as a service solution, a device-independent content and communication platform (for iOS, Android and as a web app). This modular system would provide our customers a quick, cost-effective and individual app which also included numerous powerful features. With a continuously increasing feature portfolio this solution now services over 450 b2b clients and has already been part of over 3.000 events.

Industry: IT
Funding: Bootstrapped
CEO: Jürgen Mayer
MRR 3000000

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Niels 173 Places Hosted

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