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Majelan is a unique way to discover great audio stories to enjoy enriched moments. We strongly believe that audio narrative content will change the way we learn, share our emotions, live stories, explore the world… We want to connect each person to audio stories at the right time.

majelan was founded by a duo of French entrepreneurs: Mathieu Gallet, former President of Radio France, 3rd largest public radio station in the world and Arthur Perticoz, founder of Wynd, a French company that raised 115 million euros. Their meeting was supposed to last 45 minutes, after 3 hours they decided to start a business together.

After 6 months of hard work, majelan is now ready to share its vision of audio content. Our team of 25 people is dedicated to creating a unique way to discover exclusive content and shows to deliver the best new audio experience.

If you want to think, believe, learn, cry, love, shiver, share, take time for yourself, make your children discover the world… majelan is for you. And this is only the beginning.

Have a good listening, and please don’t hesitate to share your impressions with us!

Mathieu Gallet & Arthur Perticoz, Co-founders of majelan.

Industry: Marketing
Funding: $10.000.000 +
CEO: Mathieu Gallet
Amount of funding 10000000

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