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Property management agencies ‘operating models and communications are undergoing a transformation, and housing community residents’ demands for information have been taken to a whole new level.

Housing Company.Info is Finland’s largest and leading asset management tool for managing online communications and information. Almost 150 Finnish property management agencies have already chosen Talyhtio.Info. There are nearly 8,000 active housing companies in the electronic communication channel and nearly 500,000 users.

The challenge for property management agencies in the near future is to serve customers in a multi-channel environment. Housing Company.Info, the Property Management Agency can decide for itself which channel each customer will serve – you decide, we enable.

We build a dedicated service channel for the property management agency, which can be communicated with one or more housing companies in one place, centrally. Naturally, communication is two-way and secure. Housing associations have their own condominium-specific service channel, through which they can read housing association documents, obtain information about housing associations and place announcements and orders.

Industry: Proptech
Funding: Bootstrapped
CEO: Tuomas Saarelainen

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