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CopperheadOS is a security-and-privacy-focused Android that keeps your data safe by thwarting and frustrating attackers. Copperhead uses the most sophisticated, cutting-edge techniques to protect you from local, physical, and remote threats. Essentially, CopperheadOS presents such invincible obstacles that attackers lack the resources to gain entry; and if they do, they are unable to do damage or extract information.


CopperheadOS devices are private and protected from tampering, compromise, malware, data theft, tracking, and email interception. CopperheadOS is fully deployable as a managed or on-premise solution, giving organizations full compliance-ready control over their mobile platform.


Industry: Security
Funding: Bootstrapped
CEO: James Donaldson

Team members

James Donaldson

Director and CEO of Copperhead

Ambitiously relentless and passionate about privacy in the digital age. I'm a self-taught hacker with a strong voice, technical mindset, and knack for communication. I understand the big picture, bring people together, and see a world where technology, people, transparency, and security can exist.

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