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We build real relationships between companies and people


Rede Parcerias is a management and communication platform for advantage, benefits, and loyalty clubs. It is built with the objective of effectively communicating the benefits, discounts, and covenants that businesses offer to their clients, employees, associates, or union members.


Rede Parcerias creates a fully customized platform, aligned with your visual identity, target audience, and goals. It also develops effective and useful communication for the beneficiary, and in any online platform.


We provide 360┬║ support to both the company and the beneficiary and, every month, we seek to bring new partnerships that are interesting to your audience.


Industry: Marketing
Funding: Bootstrapped
CEO: Thiago Mattos

Team members

Thiago Mattos

Co-founder of Rede Parcerias

Thiago Mattos is the Co-Founder of Rede Parcerias. He's been working with advantage clubs for over 10 years. He's represented large retailers such as Walmart, Boticário, and Netshoes in clubs. Today, Rede Parcerias manages over 150 companies.

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