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9 Social Media Marketing SaaS Companies

Have you ever wondered if your company should start doing some social media marketing? Let us be so bold to answer that for you: Yes. You must!

Marketers know they need to deliver their message where their target audience is. And social media is where things are happening these days. Just look at the numbers:


  • Every day, 3,5 billion people are active on social media. That’s 48% of the world’s population!
  • The most popular social media platform: Facebook (used by 68% of all US adults
  • 90,4% of millennials use social media
  • 77,5% of Gen X uses social media
  • Even the boomers are online a lot: 48,2% of baby boomers are active on social media.

Marketing on social media is a necessity if you want to survive. So, to help you do this effectively, here are 9 Social media marketing SaaS-companies.


#1 comScore

The first in our list of 9 social media marketing SaaS-companies is comScore. This company was founded in 1999, when most of us hadn’t even the slightest idea what the future of the internet would look like. Nowadays, comScore serves more than 3200 clients from 75 different countries. After several rounds of funding, the company went public (NASDAQ). That makes comScore a company with a proven track record, and incredibly easy to invest in.

Using the comScore SaaS solution, you can plan, transact and evaluate your media use across several online platforms. comScore has created a cross-platform measurement system that helps you keep an eye on your brands, audiences and consumer behaviour. Using an immense database, this company quantifies consumers’ behavior on a massive scale. Not devices, but consumers – even if they use different devices.


#2 HYP3R

If you want to hype a product, an idea, or…anything…social media provides the strongest tool available. HYP3R provides you with a platform for location-based marketing and uses geosocial data to acquire and engage high-value customers.

In other words, this Social Media Marketing SaaS-company helps you to identify influential customers the moment they walk in. That way, you can engage them in real-time. Do this right, and this personal approach will win their hearts and minds. This will turn these customers into ambassadors, who bring in new businesses.


#3 SEMrush

It could be argued that SEMrush doesn’t really deserve a spot in a list of Social Media Marketing SaaS-companies. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is not what most marketers consider social media marketing. And indeed, search engines were central when SEMrush was founded in 2008.

A lot has changed since then. We’ve experienced a huge financial crisis with the collapse of American banks, we’ve seen the first black president of the USA move into the white house and we’ve…seen the guy after him. During these ever-changing times, SEMrush changed as well. It kept adding products and now offers one SaaS-platform for marketing, SEO, content marketing, market research,  advertising, and social media.

As we’re focussing on social media marketing SaaS-solutions, we’ll only mention the two social media management tools this company offers. First, the social media poster enables you to schedule posts on most platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn). And the second tool, Social Media Ads helps manage your paid ad campaigns on these platforms.


#4 Dynamic Signal

If you only knew social media from the news, you might think it’s just a bunch of people shouting at each other and throwing death threats at one another. Luckily, anyone who’s active on social media knows better. Sure, there are the darker places you’d better avoid, but social media is all about community.

Dynamic Signal is a social media platform for internal corporate use. It connects companies with employees, driving reach and productivity. Companies using this social media SaaS-company effortlessly inform and engage their staff by presenting them timely and relevant content.

Of course, one could argue an intranet does the same. But Dynamic Signal offers more. It provides influencer recruiting, collaboration support, advisory support, account management services… even member awards.

Since its inception in 2010, this Social Media Marketing SaaS-company from San Francisco has turned big names into their clients. To name a few: IBM, Deloitte, Oracle, SalesForce, Survey Monkey, and Autodesk.


#5 Meltwater

Using online data in order to get outsight insights for better decision making doesn’t sound very revolutionary. And indeed, nowadays, it’s just common sense. But when Meltwater was founded in 2001, it was amazing.

20 years later, Meltwater is still going strong. Without a doubt, its biggest strength is the social listening and social media analytics Meltwater offers. If social media marketing is about knowing what’s going on (it is), then Meltwater is the all-knowing being. This media intelligence platform Meltwater built is used by more than 25,000 companies, staying on top of billions of online conversations. Using clever algorithms, Meltwater extracts relevant insights that you can use for strategic decisions.


#6 Octane AI

Founded in 2016, OctaneAI has gained a very strong position among Shopify and Shopify Plus brands. Most Shopify businesses are relatively small, with limited resources.

OctaneAI offers these smaller companies an amazing SaaS-tool for social media marketing. At the core, it’s an all-in-one platform for engaging quizzes, data collection, and personalized Facebook Messenger and SMS automation.

No matter what it is you sell, from (fake) eyelashes to cycles, from fashion to apartments. OctaneAI engages with your clients via your website, Facebook, email newsletters, SMS, and many more.  


#7 Funnel

The world revolves around data these days. We all collect a lot of data. But often, our data is trapped. Trapped in the confines of an application, or a tool. Unable to communicate with other tools and applications. So, we call our IT-department to figure out how to convert data from source A into data that can be used in application B.

So, we find ourselves making an export from one source, converting the data manually, and importing it into the other database. If only there were an easier way…

Appropriately named, Funnel, does exactly that. Do you want a report with data from several sources? Funnel does all the legwork: collecting the data, transforming it, and feeding it into any tool you like.

Now integrated with more than 500 data sources, Funnel lets you feed data wherever you want it to go. Being able to handle that many data sources, Funnel is obviously more than a Social Media Marketing-Saas.

But boy, does it come in handy that it helps you fetch data from Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Yahoo, Redditt and so many other social media platforms. Being able to link this social media data with your other data sources will be a delight.


#8 CreatorIQ

In Social Media Marketing, you do not necessarily have to reach everybody. You just need to reach the right people: the influencers.

CreatorIQ helps you easily find and talk with the influential creators among more than 1b social media accounts. After the introductions are made, CreatorIQ facilitates collaborative content campaigns, which are tracked in realtime.

The effectiveness of this Social Media Marketing SaaS-company is reflected by the companies client base.  Disney, H&M, AirBnB, Salesforce, and Unilever are just a few big brands that use CreatorIQ for their influencer marketing efforts. Quite an achievement, for a SaaS-company that is only 7 years old.


#9 Springbot

Many small and medium-sized retailers that start with Social Media Marketing do so with a large selection of (often free, thus limited) tools. They create their content and put it online. If they are more skilled, they have mastered the art of scheduled posting. But using complex marketing data? That is usually not something within reach.

Thankfully, we’ve got Springbot to help us out. Springbot gives anyone a multi-channel marketing platform to boost their sales. This SaaS-solution consolidates your marketing channels and functionality, including your social media presence. Springbot does a lot more than “just” Social Marketing Management, but its social hub alone is a sight for sore eyes. With this amazingly intuitive tool, retailers can easily keep track of their social media strategy. You can engage with your fans, and keep an eye on the results your social media efforts yield.


Many more

The Social Media Marketing SaaS-companies discussed here are the 9 most successful SaaS-companies helping you figure out what to do online. Many of these are well-established and have a proven track record. That makes these SaaS-companies a safe bet,  for investors and potential clients alike.

Of course, this is just a small selection of companies. New SaaS companies emerge all the time. Do you feel that we’ve missed an important new SaaS-company which is all about Social Media Marketing? Please, let us know.



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