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8 Ambitious UK based SaaS Companies

The United Kingdom offers a lot more than tea and scones, brilliant TV-series and the sights of London. The UK is also home to an ever growing number of SaaS companies.  Let us explore a number of SaaS from the UK which can help you boost your business.

#1 Antavo – taking customer loyalty to the next step

Whether your business is strictly online, or also features brick-and-mortar shops, the number one thing you need is customers. Loyal customers. UK-based Antavo provides a platform for loyalty management which supports an omnichannel loyalty programme which combines the strength of real life experience with all the benefits of being online. Anything you need to turn your first time client into an ambassador: from e-mail marketing and mobile wallets, to an in-depth loyalty program, including segmentation of your client base.

#2 Mention me – next level mouth-to-ear

So, you’ve got a loyal group of clients turned ambassador (possibly by use of Antavo), now it’s time to monetize on them. Loyal customers recommending your company or service to others is the single most cost-effective way of getting new buyers.

MentionMe gets those valuable referrals and retains your customers. According to this English SaaS-company, they can help increase new customer acquisition by up to 30%. They do so by tracking and rewarding customer recommendations and making it easy to share referrals. Right now, your clients can refer using 16 different methods.

Once a client is won, extensive data analyses helps you sell more, with closely targeted campaigns.

#3 Ometria – turning data into information

Big Data can be very powerful. Just collecting a lot of data isn’t enough. You need a tool to turn the data into information you can act on. Ometria helps you by bringing data from several collection points together and then creating unified and individual profiles of your clients. Not segmented, as many other tools do, but for each individual client.

Yes, that’s right. For each individual shopper.

In a time where everything is about the individual customer journey, you really cannot go without a tool like Ometria.

#4 Codacy – helping you write better code

Being a coder can do terrible things to your sleeping pattern. You take honour in your work, wanting to deliver perfect code. Code which works, is bugfree, and which is also elegant. But sometimes, you find something not working as intended. It may require pulling an all-nighter, but at the end, you usually identify the problem and manage to fix it.

There’s something heroic about this. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could just get a little more sleep?

That’s where Codacy comes in. This SaaS from the United Kingdom helps you identify issues, saving you hours and hours of work. Codacy spots code duplication, code complexity and security issues in more than 30 languages, such as Php, Java, ShellScript, Python and many others.

Integrated in your workflow, it standardizes code to increase co-creation and provides you with several handy project management tools. Codacy comes at only $15 per month per user as a cloud service. However, a self-hosted version is also available.

#5 Quadible – passwords are sooo 2010

Over the years, cybersecurity has gone through some changes. The good old email+password login is still going strong, but it’s been boosted by 2FA (something you have, something you know, something you are).

However, hackers being hackers, the bad guys are trying to find ways around it. Quadible is the next secret weapon against them. This UK-based IT company provides you with an AI-platform  which continuously keeps an eye on your users.

 Is your user suddenly accessing files he never had an interest in before? It could be legit, but it could also be a warning sign. Do you have a client who is suddenly ordering a lot more and having them delivered to different addresses? That might be cause for concern. Quadible can recognize their behaviour, and understands when something is “off”.

All this happens on behind the scenes. Quadible can be easily integrated in your existing systems, and is extremely user- friendly. Who said you cannot have added security without some inconvenience?

#6 Geckoboard – reports that don’t disappear in a drawer

Business controllers around the globe share one frustration: managers don’t act upon the valuable information they offer. Most people don’t like numbers much. 

That’s why dashboards are so popular. A dashboard provides the essential KPI in a way which managers will understand and respond to.

Geckoboards translates data and turns your endless spreadsheets and database into a visualisation that is intuitive. Not monthly, but real time. The old excuse that the data is outdated can no longer be used.

Geckoboard puts managers where they belong: firmly at the helm – able to come to decisions and understanding what does and does not work.

Building a dashboard with Geckoboard requires no coding skills. Yet, you can use more than 60 data sources, create quick sharing links and send them to TV, making Geckoboard perfect for in-house narrowcasting.

#7 HydraGRC –an audit trail that keeps the accountants happy

Ever since Enron the emphasis on audit trails has been getting stronger. Not everybody in the company has compliance as their main concern, though. Many people are busy with the day to day processes. They just want to get the job done, and not be bothered with nuisances as audit trails.

It’s your job to ensure that people can get on with their job, and to ensure compliance-by-design.

HydraGRC helps you turn all those spreadsheets, word-documents and sticky notes into something which can be audited. It’s an easy-to-use central online system which covers all your corporate governance concerns: Risk Management and incident management , Compliance and online auditing. HydraGRC has your back. It even helps you with your BI!

Your auditing accountants will be pleased. But more important, they will spend less time auditing your company, saving you lots of money. Thus, this UK-SaaS provides you with a solid business case.

#8 Kinescope – broadcast your message (and only yours)

Many companies use YouTube. Understandable, as YouTube is easy to use, allows you to share videos on your site, socials and elsewhere – and it’s free. It just has one downside: advertising.

Do you really want an advertisement for your competition just before (or during) your video?

We thought not.

Kinescope offers all the benefits from YouTube, minus the advertising. This enables you to completely control the way your video reaches your audience. No distraction, just your message.

Kinescope keeps track of lots of metrics, helping you understand how you can improve your videos for higher effectiveness.

You can easily get started with the free account, which is limited to 3 videos. Your plan can be upgraded at any time, enabling it to grow along with your company.


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