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5 SEO SaaS Companies

SEO is hard work, but it is necessary if you want to succeed online. Luckily, there are several SaaS companies that offer a helping hand in improving your SEO.

Undoubtedly, you’ve heard about SEO before. As a matter of fact, it’s rather unimaginable that anyone working in any tech job has not heard about the importance of SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is indispensable. Whether you are an influencer that runs a simple blog, or a sophisticated SaaS company bringing amazing new possibilities to the world: you NEED to ensure your company can be found.

Did you know that most people just go to the site at the top of the list that Google (or whatever search engine you use) for an answer? Perhaps, if they cannot find what they are looking for, they might also try the second and third results. A small percentage may visit the other top-10 search results. And the results on page 2 and beyond…? Nobody ever goes there.

According to some reports, 20,5% of ALL clicks on search results go to the first result. The second and third only get about 13%.

That’s why a proper approach to SEO is so essential. You don’t just need to be found, you must absolutely dominate the search results!


Why use SEO

Ok, so you need to use SEO to be found by your clients. But…why exactly?


SEO makes it easy to find you

First of all, you want to make life easy for your customers. With proper SEO, your clients will find you, even if they don’t remember your URL properly. I mean… was it,,, or They may not know exactly what they were looking for, but they will find it anyway.


SEO helps you poach your competitors’ customers

Several years ago, I (author of this article) was involved in an online campaign. The between the 12 (or so) opponents was pretty fierce. However, as it turned out, we came out as champions of the SEO battle. Not only did people know where to find us, we even got complaints from our competitors that we were poaching their clients. People that were trying to find them, ended up with us.

Can you imagine how sweet that victory tasted?

SEO Victory tastes sweet as sugar.

You too can use SEO to attract clients that were actually looking for the product of the competitor.


SEO helps build a brand

When done properly, SEO can be used to build your brand. Ensure your SEO efforts are in line with the image of your business you want to present to the world.


Good SEO keeps your advertisement budget low

Advertising is a great way to buy the attention of your potential clients. The effects of advertising come quickly and can be easily measured. As such, advertising can play an important role in building your business. The thing is: advertising is expensive and the price is determined in an auction style. That means that if you become successful by advertising, your competitors will just pay more and beat you again. Can your SaaS company survive an advertising war of attrition? And if you can, do you really want to take that path?

SEO is not the quick-fix advertising can be. It requires time and effort, a long-lasting strategy. But when done right and consistently, SEO often turns out to be a more cost-effective way of getting the word out about what you have to offer.

Let’s say, for example, that someone from the US of A is looking for a community about SaaS products. They head for google and type: “SaaS community”. This is what they’d get as a result:

SaaS community seems to be doing their SEO right.

As you can see, the first two results are advertisements. A dear price is paid for those. But guess who shows up as the first non-paid result? Yep…it’s us.


SEO helps you stay ahead

SEO does not make it easier to be found, it also helps you stay ahead of the competition. After all, search results are all about your performance relative to that of your competition. The higher you rank, the worse your competitors rank.


Working on SEO means you work on your own site

Over the years, search engines became more and more intelligent. About 20 years ago, you could easily fool search engines by spamming keywords (like SaaS, SEO, and company). Some websites even went so far as to include “invisible” keywords on their pages by simply adding text with the same color as the background.

These days, you won’t get away with that. Wait, let me correct myself: these days, doing this will hurt your search results. SEO is more than keyword spamming nowadays. Search engines, like Google, want to provide people with the best possible result. That’s why the Google algorithm also takes many technical factors into account. Your website ranks higher in Google when it’s mobile-friendly, usable, and has a decent site speed.

Working on SEO means you need to improve your site. Considering you should already be paying attention to the usability of your site, SEO kills two birds with one stone.


Become an authority with SEO

Now that Google becomes better and better at figuring out which websites are worth visiting, people put more trust in search results. It is also as if a high position in search results is a stamp of approval. If your SaaS company ranks high in Google, it must relevant and trustworthy, right?

Having relevant content, being trustworthy, offering high quality, and adding value are all essential ingredients for SEO. Coincidentally, these are also the things that set you apart from the competition and make your SaaS company an authority in your field.


SEO impacts decision making

Do you know anyone who does NOT use the internet to do some research before buying a new product? Perhaps you do. Perhaps you know one…maybe even two. But the vast majority of customers start their research with a quick search online. With SEO, your SaaS company gains visibility in an early stage of the decision-making process. As a result, your company rapidly becomes a top-of-mind supplier.


SEO can be difficult, but help is available

The smarter search engines became, the smarter companies had to become to come out on top. These days, SEO isn’t something to be done “on the site”. It has become a real specialism. Many SaaS companies hire one or more people whose job is SEO, SEO, and a bit of SEO. However, not everybody has the budget to hire a full-time SEO specialist.


Seo SaaS companies

Luckily, there are SaaS companies for everything, including SEO. The following 5 SaaS companies are ready to help you with your SEO efforts.


#1 Google Search Console

Let’s start with the most obvious SaaS company helping you with your SEO homework. As Google has become the world’s #1 search engine, SEO is now the art of pleasing the Google Algorithm. If you’re trying to find answers on how to improve your Google rankings, you might just as well go straight to the source. Google Search Console provides tools and reports that let you measure searches, traffic, and site performances. The Search Console lets you analyze searches, helps optimize content, and offers several training courses to hone your skills. It also points out issues, helping you solve problems that might otherwise go unnoticed.


#2 SEMrush

Based in Boston (US), SEMrush is so much more than just a SEO SaaS company. The company was founded in 2008 and has grown to become the best-known online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform. The company reports more than 5,000,000 marketing professionals use their SaaS. Users can use the platform for content marketing, Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, and, indeed: SEO.


#3 SiteImprove

Sometimes, the name says it all… founded in 2003 in Copenhagen (Denmark) SiteImprove aims to be much more than a SEO SaaS company. SiteImprove offers a range of tools to optimize your digital presence. SiteImprove can help you with tools for analytics, and quality assurance, but also web accessibility, site security, data privacy, and performance. And, indeed, SiteImprove has an all-in-one SEO tool to keep track of your SEO activities.

#4 Botify

According to Botify, Google only spots about 50% of all available content. Just imagine, putting a lot of effort into a sales page, and not getting a single visitor on it. Wow, talking about wasting your time.

Botify offers an Enterprise SEO Platform that can become the core of your digital strategy. Their main focus: organic search. Many SaaS SEO companies would, at this point, hold an amazing speech about some cutting-edge innovations that will bring your website into a New Era. Not Botify. They recognize that you can undertake any SEO action, but it is all pointless if the Google bot cannot find you. The first step in being found by users and clients is the Google bot crawling your pages.

That is exactly where Botify helps. It won’t get customers to find your page, but it will make sure Google can find your website, and crawl each and every page. That way, your content will not be created in vain!


#5 StoryChief

Creating relevant, reliable content has (rightfully) become a very important part of SEO. One type of content which is gaining traction is storytelling. Storytelling is about creating an emotional response in your audience by telling them beautiful stories.

The tricky thing is that storytelling involves a lot of psychology and emotion, while SEO is more of a technical, rational, discipline. Things that are good SEO might adversely affect the impact of the story and vice versa.

That’s where the Belgian SEO-SaaS company StoryChief comes to the rescue. If their logo, a sloth, is meant to tell a story, it’s that this tool is for everyone who doesn’t like unnecessary work. Indeed, StoryChief makes your life much easier, taking away a lot of the grunt work in getting your content out there.

This SaaS company supplies you with editorial software that is useful for Startups, SEO Marketers, and Editorial teams. What makes this editor so much better than any other content editor is that it lets you push your content to several channels (WordPress, Self-hosted SC Blog, API, Accelerated Mobile Pages, and many more) with just one press of a button.

Oh, and let’s not forget to mention the tool ensures that the stories you publish are SEO-friendly thanks to the SEO suggestions it provides for your content.


Get started with SEO

SEO is essential if you want your SaaS startup to become successful. SEO is essential if your company wants to stay ahead of the pack. Sadly, SEO is hard work. But nobody ever said building a business would be easy. These 5 SEO SaaS companies do, however, take some of the load off your back.

Now, you have no more excuses not to work on your SEO. Get started!

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