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5 SaaS Companies from The Netherlands

Imagine you are a SaaS enthusiast.

And you want to find some new awesome SaaS companies in Amsterdam.

Then you came to the right place!

Check out these 5 awesome SaaS Companies from The Netherlands:

#1 Homerun  

When you have hit a Homerun, SaaS wouldn’t be the first thing that would come to your mind. I know both owners of Homerun personally and they have done an incredible job growing the company and team. Their HR software is well known and loved by national and international clients. Bit lame, but keep hitting those Homeruns 😉


#2 SpeakAp 

I Met Erwin at an event in Amsterdam at B.Amsterdam and was impressed by his story, strategy, and growth plans for SpeakAp. International expansion, funded, great product, this is one to keep your eyes on. They help front desk employees communicate with everybody within the company. Cool stuff! 


#3 AG5 

Bootstrapped and self-funded by our clients. That’s what AG5 stands for. They have built an impressive team and client portfolio with 0 funding. We love it!! AG5 helps manufacturing companies streamline skills management for all personal. A niche market, bootstrapped and growing very fast! What’s not to love about them.


#4 Virtual Vaults 

A couple of years ago I spoke to the owner of Virtual Vaults and have been following them ever since. Impressive growth and client base. They received funding to full the growth and scale of the business even more. Virtual Vaults is in the business of safe document sharing with mergers & acquisitions. Bet they work a lot on the Zuid- As in Amsterdam 😉 (the financial district in Amsterdam for non-Dutchies) 


#5 Starred

has been one of the examples of entrepreneurship. When somethings don’t work you need to change direction and rebuild your strategy. These things are not easy and therefore I respect the decision they made. Starred focus on employee onboarding and feedback and found their niche. Growing the team and product is also one to keep your eyes on. 


Of course, there are many more interesting SaaS startups and companies in Amsterdam. I also want to know the latest one joining the market, so if you know any please do me a favor and let me know 


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