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5 SaaS Companies from Barcelona

Have you ever visited Barcelona? You should! Barcelona has it all. Perfectly located on Spain’s east coast, this city enjoys a pleasant Mediterranean climate. Nearby are historical sites, such as Tarragona (famous for the remnants of the Roman Empire) and Girona which normally attracts loads of tourists that come to admire the Medieval architecture. Could it be that this strong history is what somehow turned Barcelona into an innovative place, where people don’t frown upon trying something new?

Whatever the reason, it’s the innovative character of the Barcelonians that not only enabled Gaudí to do what has never been done before (Sagrada Familia, Casa Milà, Casa Battló Parc Güell) but also provided the perfect conditions for SaaS companies to push the boundaries of SaaS.


#1 AllRead

Gaudì was strongly influenced by natural forms. Instead of defining the rules that his buildings be built by, he looked at what nature told him and learned from it. In a way, machine learning continues its path. Instead of hardcoding every single rule in advance, machine learning allows the software to learn from the real world.

AllRead MLT built a convolutional neural network (CNN) that can read and interpret, without needing to be told what to read. This may seem trivial at first, but in logistics, this is vital. After all, if you automate logistical processes, you want to ensure the software reads the shipping labels and not all the marketing stuff printed on the box.

And it’s not just labels (including barcodes) AllRead can recognize, by the way. AllRead recognizes and reads containers, wagons, license plates, but also utility meters, unit load devices.

AllReads deep learning algorithm recognizes which text is relevant; and which text isn’t. It’s smart and it’s accurate.

AllRead is available as a cloud service (with API integrations), or as an on-premise subscription. Pricing is available upon request.

AllRead speeds up logistics (Image: High Bay, via Pexels)



Reading the name is knowing what they do. is an online editing tool used by a growing number of businesses to boost their online campaigns. offers companies designs for restaurants, stores, sports clubs, and many other (small) businesses. No need for fancy, top-end hardware, you can use using whatever device you happen to be holding in your hands. You don’t even need to worry about copyright, provides millions of images – without charging you for it!


By giving you easy access to all these features, this SaaS helps you boost your social media image, but more importantly: it will give your sales a boost! That way, closes the gap between SME’s and big companies with access to professional marketing agencies.

Thanks to, you can let your creativity flow. You might not be able to rival the originality of Gaudì, but let’s be honest: nobody can! uses a freemium business model. As an entrepreneur, you might find all you need in the free version. But even if you want more, using isn’t going to break the bank. The premium version costs only $ 5,90 per month (or $59 per year when paid annually).


#3 Factorial

The work of an HR professional is never done. As with all jobs, some tasks are more fun than others.

When asked, most HR professionals will tell you they chose their career because they love working with people. They probably love conducting interviews in order to find the perfect candidate for the job. And could anything be more rewarding than helping people grow their careers? You could talk with employees to determine additional training to prepare for a promotion or give your entire workforce an upgrade by setting up a Learning and Development Programme.

Stuff like the monthly payroll, fixing errors in time-tracking, or managing documents is a lot less likely to be named as the tasks that spark joy in your HR-professionals life.

Factorial brings back the Human in HR (Image: Cottonbro, via Pexels)

Sure, they are necessary. And altogether it’s not too bad having to do these tasks on a monthly basis. It might even be considered as a bit of time to relax. Even a chance to let things sink in, and reflect on things while working on auto-pilot.

However, if you could automate these processes, you’d have extra time for your most important things, you know: working with humans.

The free SaaS developed by Factorial might be exactly what you need. By automating (repetitive) administrative processes, Factorial simplifies HR, improves decision making, and makes sure all data and documents are stored securely and compliant with GDPR (European Privacy Rules)

All this is offered for a price starting at $3 per employee, per month for smaller companies with a maximum of 20 employees. The more expensive version ($4 / month/employee) offers additional features and integrations and is suitable for companies with up to 100 employees. The Enterprise-subscription is custom-made (and priced) for bigger companies.


#4 Global Channel Network (GCN)

Miquel Rey’s Global Channel Network (GCN) is not to be confused with Swiss GCN Consulting. Admittedly, the name makes it easy to mix up the two, but upon closer inspection, the difference couldn’t be clearer.

While the Swiss consultants have been around since 1988, they are not making the leap to SaaS. Spanish SaaS-startup GCN, on the other hand, is a new kid on the block, embracing the opportunities SaaS opens up to them.

At the time of writing GCN has partners in North America (Mexico), South America (5 countries) North Africa (3 countries), Europa (8 countries) Asia (India, with more to come), and Australia. GCN has pledged to open up in more countries, setting a goal of opening up in 2 countries every month. This SaaS platform is currently working to open up huge markets, such as (but not limited to) the USA, Brazil, Russia, and Saudi Arabia.

SaaS GCN is a network of IT wholesalers and 150,000+ resellers on a B2B platform. Want to buy or sell hardware, software, or perhaps your own SaaS and have access to a growing number of countries? This is the place to go!


#5 Finboot

Many people, especially non-techies, believe that blockchain and BitCoin are one and the same thing. You know better. Blockchain offers a decentralized, distributed digital ledger used to reliably record transactions. Use blockchain to eradicate any form of uncertainty about data security and reliability.

Finboot, founded in 2016, now has a presence in Barcelona and London and is “committed to becoming a leading example of blockchain technology delivery”. Trust, revolutionary thinking, and the ambition to empower business owners are the core values the Finboot team adheres to in their efforts to live up to that mission statement.

Make the blockchain work for you (Image: Luděk Maděryč, via Pexels)

The company built a unique blockchain-agnostic solution, called MARCO, that can be used by companies in any sector. MARCO reduces cost and minimizes complexity for your company. While the website focuses on two sectors (Oil & Energy and Consumer Goods) Finboot promises their SaaS can also work wonders in other sectors, such as healthcare, the automotive industry, or tourism.

Subscriptions to Finboot are billed monthly and start at € 500 per month.


Barcelona has it all

The five SaaS companies discussed may all come from Barcelona, but they couldn’t be more different from one another. Each of them offers a cloud-based solution for specific problems.

This problem might be unique to your sector (such as AllRead and Finboot) or a common issue that requires an industry-specific approach (Factorial). Others ( and GCN) may be more generic.

What this selection does show, is that Barcelona is home base to a wide range of SaaS companies. The list is, by no means, complete. By our last estimate, 140+ SaaS companies, from start-ups to established firms, have their headquarters in Barcelona.

Did you read your article, and think: “Hey, our SaaS is missing”? Head over to, submit your SaaS company to our database, and start driving traffic and leads.

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