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15 SaaS Companies from Europe to watch

Silicon Valley may be known as the incubator of tech companies, but don’t rule out the Old Continent. Innovation in Europe is thriving. The next  15 Saas companies from Europe prove it.


#1 AppFollow 

Building an app is one thing, but selling it efficiently in an app store takes a whole different skill set. Finish B2B SaaS offers that skillset. This SaaS-company from Europe keeps track of all important metrics in the app store. It provides analytics around app reviews and search results report the effectiveness of your keyword strategy. Furthermore, its App Store Optimization (ASO) tools help you boost the number of organic sales, while also keeping an eye on market leaders and other competitors.

AppFollow supports all the major app stores and easily integrates with more than 30 popular services.


#2 Contentsquare 

Ah, Paris. It’s the city of love and romance. The city where relations blossom. Not just romantic relationships, but relations with clients as well. Paris is, after all, home of Contentsquare!

This SaaS company from France is a treasure trove of marketing information. The online platform analyses customer behavior using billions of online interactions. Fears that the GDPR would get in the way of gaining valuable insights turned out to be unwarranted, as Contentsquare has found a way to record and analyze web, mobile, and app interactions while respecting privacy legislation.

A huge dataset including a wide range of topics and a clever AI-system leads to actionable recommendations to boost revenue and improve the customer experience.


#3 Celonis 

Celonis is a SaaS-company from Munich, Germany. Celonis does one thing, AI-enhanced Process Mining and Process Excellence. And excellent they are, as their position as market leader proves.

Celonis has become a very welcome business partner in many different industries. It analyzes critical business processes, uses Big Data, and lets the AI-system provide improvements that remove friction.


#4 Emarsys 

Are you looking for a SaaS company from Europe which enables you to organize multi-channel customer interactions that are personal and attentive, yet scaleable? Enter the Austrian Emarsys.

Recently acquired by SAP, Emarsys is proud of their software which enables a truly personalized, 1-to-1 interaction between companies and marketers.

Automating customer contacts is nothing new, but doing it in a way that gives the customer the feeling that they are actually treated as an individual is something which very few companies have succeeded in. Emarsys found this holy grail, leading to higher customer loyalty and increased revenue.


#5 TrueLayer 

EU PSD2-legislation has opened up a whole new range of business opportunities. PSD2 has made transaction information held by banks available (under strict conditions) to companies. However, account holders must agree that their financial information is shared. To get their permission, you need to show them they can trust you with it.

True Layer is a SaaS-company from Europe helping companies build financial apps that are capable of verifying accounts and can access bank and transaction data. Already, True Layer has helped develop apps for online lending, personal finance management, insurance, p2p marketplaces, and cryptocurrency. One can only imagine the new financial services and products which could be possible using TrueLayer.


#6 Spendesk 

The larger the company, the more important planning, and control become. Budgets and authorization of payment can take up a lot of time. Operational flexibility and financial transparency don’t always see eye to eye.

Spendesk, a SaaS-company from France (Europe) offers a clever way to decentralize operational spending. Flexible payments, online approvals, and automated receipt capture process and real-time reporting ensure efficient and cost-effective operations. Employees spend less time on paperwork, while F&C gains more insight and control. It’s a win-win.


#7 GeoSpock

The more spatial data you gain, the easier it is to suffer from data overload. Yet, without Big Data, we won’t be able to solve the Big Problems we face: climate change and air pollution cannot be solved with a single spreadsheet.

GeoSpock processes sensor data from trillions of data points and seeks hidden patterns. The resulting visualizations provide insights you could only dream of.

This is good news, not just for the planet, but also for companies, who can now use spatial Big Data to optimize commercial operations and maximize profitability. 


#8 Qatalog 

We’ve spoken about it for decades, but it took a  worldwide covid-19 pandemic to actually make the transition to remote working. Some companies have profited greatly from the sudden demand for their product.  European SaaS-company Qatalog was founded at just the right time: it was 2019 when they began building a productivity and collaboration hub for companies, using all the available tech: wikis, shared documents, project management, team chat, and more.


#9 Ledger 

Crypto currency is supposed to be very safe. Yet, now and then, we hear about a hack where millions and millions of Euros change hands in a matter of seconds.  In one heist in September 2020 the estimated money stolen was USD 150 million!

Security matters, which is why French SaaS company Ledger matters. Ledger develops security and infrastructure solutions for blockchain applications, including cryptocurrencies.  Companies can purchase the Ledger Vault, a SaaS which keeps your cryptocurrency safe without any extra strain on your IT department.


#10 TravelPerk 

Booking and managing business travels can be quite labor-intensive. Luckily, TravelPerk makes things a lot easier. And the best thing: it’s free to use.

This Spanish SaaS company claims to have the world’s largest travel inventory, meaning you can book a trip to any place at the lowest possible price. And as everything is integrated, your travel budget is always up to date, receipts and all.


#11 inRiver 

InRiver tackles the biggest challenge of online resale: providing accurate and real-time product information in an omnichannel world.

Gone are the days when you had to manually combine the data from different sources. inRiver is a SaaS-product information management (PIM) solution that lets you control the product flow of your products. No matter how many B2B and B2C-channels you may operate, inRiver is your one-stop solution to manage your products.


#12 Contentful 

Content is king. Despite claims of the contrary, this still holds. But how do you manage your King, when you have so many channels to keep track of? You need an emperor, so we all welcome Contentful.

This SaaS company from Berlin (Germany) enables you to deliver omnichannel digital experiences. Granted, many CMS enables you to do this, but Contentful does so much faster and on a much larger scale. Multichannel traditionally means several channels, but Contentful can integrate with hundreds of useful tools.


#13 beekeeper 

A modern company is like a beehive: workers sometimes come to the office, but most of the time, they work remotely. It is hard to keep in touch with everyone. Especially companies that have several shifts, multiple locations, and may even different languages struggle with communication. How to ensure that messages are targeted and delivered in real-time? How do you keep teams productive and reduce staff turnover? And how does one measure employee engagement?

The Swiss SaaS company Beekeeper appears to have found a way, integrating neatly with existing operational systems. Finally, the office and non-desk workforce can make a true connection.


#14 Zivver 

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about cybersecurity? You should. Because cybercriminals will grab any opportunity they see. In some industries, cybersecurity should be a #1-priority. And it’s not just banks which make a nice target. Healthcare institutions, universities, law firms, and many other sectors work with sensitive information.

Of course, your staff knows they should treat this information with care. But accidents happen, and someone might send a confidential file through chat, email, or even a cloud-service you have never heard of before.

Banishing chat and email is impossible, so another solution is needed.  One SaaS company from Europe offers that solution: Ziverr. This Amsterdam-based SaaS lets your employees use their normal tools, such as Outlook, Whatsapp, and others. Ziverr works behind the scenes and ensures sensitive information is shared only with people who are allowed to access the information. Cybersecurity sounds quite simple. With Zivver, it actually is.


#15 Bambuser 

Daytime TV brought us many innovations, such as the soap opera and television sales. Live Video Shopping used to be only for a small number of companies, but with BamBuser, a SaaS company from northern Europe, any enterprise can get there feet wet with live video shopping.

The company was founded in Stockholm (Sweden) in 2007 and was the first to build a platform for interactive mobile live video broadcasting. In 2019, Bambuser leveraged their experience, launching Live Video Shopping, providing companies with a new way to share their brand narrative and boost online sales. Live Video Shopping sessions can be 1-on-1, or one-to-many.


Did we miss one?

As you can see, SaaS companies from Europe are full of great ideas. The 15 listed above are currently some of the most notable players. However, if you think we’ve missed an important SaaS-company from Europe, please let us know in a comment.

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