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12 SaaS Companies from Paris

The French city of Paris is known worldwide as the City of Romance. But the city is not just about being on cloud nine, it also has a very strong reputation when it comes to cloud services. These 12 SaaS companies from Paris will make you fall in love in a blink of an eye!

12 saas companies from paris

#1 Shippeo

Transportation is not just about trucks, ships, and airplanes. It’s also about proper information and efficient planning. It is about knowing where your shipment is and how long until it arrives. Shippeo uses automation and artificial intelligence to provide real-time insights. Since its founding in 2014, Shippeo has conquered the world. The company is currently active in more than 70 countries, working for more than 140.000 carriers. Their proprietary visibility platform keeps track of more than 10 million loads every year and helps companies streamline their supply chain.


#2 Ledger

We’ve mentioned Ledger before, and we’ll mention them again. Why? Because of the increasing value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, criminals are beginning to target these assets. Long it was thought impossible to steal Bitcoins. But the September 2020 heist tells a different tale. With an estimated loot of USD 150 million, this may well be the biggest bank robbery of all time. Bolstered by this story, other criminals will try to do the same.

That is why Ledger, a French SaaS company from Paris is so important. The company develops security and infrastructure solutions to make all blockchain applications (such as Bitcoin) safe. It also provides you with a virtual vault to safely store your bitcoin (without worrying you might forget the password).


#3 Contentsquare

Contentsquare team

Companies have an enormous appetite for data. Tracking online behavior on websites, apps and devices is particularly popular. Companies just want to know everything. If you think the European privacy laws (GDPR) changed that, you’d be wrong. The reason is simple: GDPR only covers the collection of personal information.

Contentsquare does not collect personal information. Sure, it does follow every step online, but it doesn’t connect this information to an individual. Instead, Contentsquare transforms the data into recommendations to boost revenue, enhance engagement, and generate growth.

Founded in Paris in 2012, Contentsquare has expanded. It now also has offices in Munich, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, London, and New York. From these offices, the company serves global brands such as Salesforce, Ikea, Best Buy, and American Express.


#4 Ringover

If you are in sales, chances are you do a lot of cold calling. If you are good at your work, you will also call your existing customers to keep the relationship warm and successful.  These phone calls don’t come cheap. You do not only pay the monthly phone bill, you also need a proper call centre. The same goes for your support department.

Luckily, we live in the age of the internet. Phonecalls, video-chat, SMS can all be taken online these days. That’s what Paris SaaS company Ringover does. Say goodbye to call centers, because all you need is your smartphone or laptop. And as it can be integrated with most major CRM and helpdesk tools (including Zendesk, Salesforce, Hubspot, and Microsoft Dynamics) Ringover is all you need if you want to improve the performance of your sales and support team.


#5 Spendesk

Keeping your costs at an acceptable level is essential for every company. That’s why all companies have a finance team. Using Deming circles, procedures and checks-and-balances the finance team ensures that every single penny is accounted for.

But not everybody is happy with these procedures. Important as they may be when the procedures get in the way of getting work done, your company has a problem.

Spendesk offers a SaaS-answer to the dilemma. It makes spending trackable and automates the accounting. Thanks to its flexible payments, approvals, and automated processing of receipts, Spendesks gives us what we want. The Finance department gets a real-time, 100% accurate spending report, while employees enjoy the streamlined expense procedures and invoice management.


#6 Aircall

aircall team

Did you read the bit about Ringover, and think: “Yes, I want it, but I’m not sure if this company is right for me”? Then we’ve got good news. Because Ringover is not the only SaaS company in Paris that offers you a cloud-based call center.  Aircall, also from Paris, is a serious competitor.

Call routing, call conferencing, information sharing, call queuing, notifications…. Aircall offers it all.


#7 Mirakl

Have you ever launched an eCommerce marketplace? It can be tricky, and at times you might find yourself praying for a miracle.

Mirakl might be the next best thing. This company from Paris provides a SaaS platform empowering any company (either B2B or B2C) to launch their own enterprise marketplace. The platform is fully configurable, enabling you to tweak your marketplace to perfectly match your brand.

Mirakl promises superior security protocols and amazing performance. Even during Black Friday 2020 (a record surge, thanks to covid) no Mirakl client reported latency or downtime. This means something, as Mirakl provides their SaaS to big brands, such as Carrefour, Hewlet Packard Enterprise, Urban Outfitters and Media Markt.


#8 TagPay

The financial world is changing. And it’s not just cryptocurrencies. New banks are emerging. As are neobanks, EMI’s, microfinance organizations, NGO’s and so many other innovative organizations. At the same time, consumers expect more from their bank. They expect to be able to apply for a loan, in real-time, through their phone. But not just that, we expect to be able to pay by phone, renew subscriptions and so much more.

All these demands require a new banking infrastructure. TagPay develops this next-gen Core Banking System. Already this real-time, cloud-based Digital Banking System powers new financial services in 25 countries.

The SaaS TagPay developed is mobile-centered and future proof.


#9 PayFit

While we are on the topic of money, let’s also have a look at PayFit. This SaaS company, too, is based in Paris. It’s not a competitor of TagPay, though. Because while TagPay enables a person to see their salary was paid, PayFit actually helps the employer pay that salary.

Automating everything from HRMC RTI submissions and payslips to employee leaves and expenses, PayFit is an all-in-one platform that is particularly appealing to startups and SME’s.

Founded in april 2016 in Paris, PayFit soon decided that France wasn’t big enough. The first border they crossed was the one with Spain, where it opened an office in 2018. A few months later, Germany followed. In the next years, PayFit opened branches in the UK (2019) and Italy (2020).

The company is ambitious, according to the founders: “This is just the start of the PayFit journey, and the overall ambition remains the same – to continue to transform the daily lives of millions of employers and employees across the globe.”


#10 Sendinblue

No day is the same if you are into digital marketing. One day, you’re creating a newsletter, the next moment you send a time-limited offer to a select group of clients through SMS. And if you’re not busy working the market, you find yourself analyzing the results of your campaigns. You segment your client base for a more targeted approach and do what you can to increase conversions.

Luckily, since 2007, you can rely on the tools Sendinblue offers. It gives you the ability to be where your customers are and engage them through email, chat, or SMS. Some of these will be fully automated, using the information stored in the Sendinblue CRM system. And if that isn’t enough, Sendinblue can even help you build better landing pages and makes running a Facebook ad campaign a lot easier.


#11 LumApps


Have you ever noticed that many companies, despite having an awesome website, have an intranet that seems a bit…outdated? While it is understandable that companies invest most in their front office, it’s also a missed opportunity.

Missing this opportunity unnecessary, thanks to LumApps. This company, founded in 2012, aims to bring you social, mobile, and smart intranet. Their platform is more than an internal website, it’s a digital workplace, fully integrated with Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365.

That means that any employee that logs in to the enterprise resources they need will also immediately see the newsfeed, and be part of the social community.

Such a digital workplace sounds expensive, but LumApps is fully cloud-based. That means that the services this SaaS company provides are available to companies of all sizes.


#12 Upflow

The last entry in our list of 12 SaaS companies from Paris is Upflow. This company, only a few years old, is all about revenue. Your revenue, that is. The company has built a SaaS-platform you can use to manage your accounts receivables.

First of all, UpFlow ensures your clients can actually effortlessly pay their invoice. The platform can process credit cards, debit cards, wire transfer,s and direct debit payments.

Secondly, the SaaS-platform sends automated reminders. This saves you time and effort while ensuring quicker payments.

And of course, as most SaaS-companies, Upflow offers you a lot of insights based on your data. Want to know how your company is doing? With the automated reports, financial projections, and dashboards no question about your AR goes unanswered.


More than a dozen

These are just 12 of the amazing SaaS companies located in Paris. Many others are noteworthy as well. However, 12 is the perfect number in Paris. After all, nothing says love like a dozen red roses. And we do, indeed, love SaaS.

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