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11 SaaS Companies from New York

The city that never sleeps is the perfect place for ambitious SaaS companies to develop and launch their product. So start sharing the news about these 11 SaaS companies from New York!


#1 ShopKeep 

Who needs a cash register these days? Of course, you need a system to record all transactions, but who says that this has to be an expensive piece of hardware? In this time and age, we can do anything on our devices, so why not run our business on an iPad as well?

ShopKeep, developed in New York, is an iPad point-of-sale system that covers all aspects of running a small (but growing) business. Staff planning, inventory management, and sales reports (in real-time) are all available in one single cloud-based platform. Already, over 25,000 small businesses have discovered the value of this New York SaaS company.


#2 MongoDB 

mangodb team

Do we really have to introduce MongoDB? This next-generation database is fully cloud-based, enabling anyone to harness the power of Big Data. Large investments in database-servers are no longer required, instead, we use the database ecosystem. MongoDB is the new standard in databases and it’s fully scalable. As we grow, so does our database.


#3 Walnut 

Imagine: after several calls and emails, you have finally managed to land an appointment for a sales demonstration. Excited and slightly nervous, you head to the potential customer. You start up your sales demo…and you crash and burn spectacularly.  Why? Because those specialists in the back-office didn’t quite understand what you wanted to show your prospect.

That’s NOT how you get a sale.

Walnut, a SaaS company from New York founded in 2020 tackles this problem by integrating its codeless platform with the CRM and data source of your company. Making a sales demo becomes a breeze thanks to the simple drag-and-drop solution. From now on, you can make your own sales demo, one which perfectly aligns with what your prospect needs to hear.

And the best thing? The sales demo runs, even if your actual product is offline!


#4 1sm 

1sm team

Another new SaaS company from New York is 1sm. This company, nearing its beta-release, will offer a revenue operating system that is purpose-built for B2B SaaS companies. Using data, 1sm enhances channel insights, provides predictive analytics, and facilitates sales meetings and the alignment of teams. 1sm promises to shorten your sales cycle (increasing revenues) while also making your marketing efforts more efficient.

1sm integrates with many popular tools, such as HubSpot, Google Ads, Salesforce, Zendesk, and many others.


#5 Sync Energy 

It may not be obvious for outsiders, but the world of electrical utilities is going through a lot of changes. With the increased dependency on technology, the stability of our power grid becomes more and more important. We take our electricity for granted. It takes an emergency or natural disaster to make us realize the importance of electricity.

Electrical utility companies spend a lot of effort to prepare for such emergencies. Sync Energy, a SaaS company founded in May 2020 in New York offers artificial intelligence tools that help utility companies to save money, time, and resources in their preparations.


#6 desk-O-pedia 

 Desk-O-pedia is a New York based SaaS-based EdTech company. Founded in August 2020, but building on decades of experience, this company is born in a time when educational IT-solutions are booming. Desk-o-Pedia aims to provide a OneStop solution for all educational back-office processes. It provides an IT ContactCentre, AI chatbot, tools for educational augmented and virtual reality and –of course- School Management Software.

Desk-o-Pedia aims to lower operational costs for K12 and Higher-ed institutions.


#7 InGrown Organics

There is an undeniable trend going on in the food and beverage industry. Consumers are turning away from mass-produced food and increasingly chose biological, organic, or local food. But there’s also criticism. Some just don’t trust companies anymore. Biological vegetables are more expensive than your regular veggies, so customers want to be sure they get what they are paying for.

It was a few nights before Christmas, in 2019, that a solution was brought to the market. InGrown, a SaaS company, was founded. Their aim: increasing transparency. Combining the unique structure of CEA Farms (Closed Environment Agriculture) with special SaaS technology, InGrown finally gives us the transparency we crave!


#8 DoControl 

Information security has always been an important issue, but as long as most people worked at the office, things were manageable. Covid-19 has changed that. Many office workers now work from home. Your corporate network is accessed from an endless number of locations. It’s impossible to guarantee that all those logins are done through a secure connection.

DoControl, founded in New York in June 2020, is a SaaS-solution enabling fine-grained information policies. Set detailed controls on how employees, external users, and admins may access, share, and manipulate your data.  Thanks to a clear visualization of data exposure across all your SaaS apps, you are –once again- in full control of your cybersecurity.


#9 myko 

The agile framework can be quite effective. Stand-ups, sprints, and crunches help you achieve your goals. That is if people really adopt the agile-mindset. To get everybody on board, making your sprint fun and interactive is a good idea. You can even link your agile mindset with the good old Deming-circle by making your sprints a bit more retrospective. SaaS-company Myko offers the tools to make your sprints more effective. It’s fully customizable, enables anonymous feedback (finally getting rid of groupthink), and more.


#10 ReferIn 

We all know the power of LinkedIn. It’s where we go to ask questions, to find new employees and jobs. LinkedIn has also become a primary tool for sales. In the early days of LinkedIn, sales was a matter of messaging your contacts or dropping content in groups. Over the years, LinkedIn has added more and more tools that help you boost sales. All this, however, requires the professional network of your salesperson.

ReferIn focuses on the company’s professional network, enabling sales teams to scale their use of referrals beyond anything seen before. It provides you the tools to empower your Referrers,  making them an amazing source of new prospects.  ReferIn even identifies potential referrals that are hidden in your Referrers’ network, saving you hours and hours of LinkedIn searching.


#11 ForgetMeNot 

Do you want to be remembered? Of course, you do. We all want to be remembered. Founded July 1, 2020, New York-based ForgetMeNot makes sure we won’t be forgotten. This company offers its users a SaaS-solution to upload and create digital memories. The unique feature is that these memories are delivered (or unlocked) at a specified time in the future.

That’s right, you can create personal messages to be delivered years from now, just like in the 2007 movie “P.S. I love you”.

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