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Something is SaaS in the State of Denmark

It might not be the first country that comes to mind when thinking about SaaS-companies, but despite having only 5,8 million inhabitans, Denmark has several excellent SaaS-providers, some catering for a quite specific niche.


#1 SoMeCentral – better pictures and videos

Have you ever had a look at your companies internet and managed to recognize absolutely none of your coworkers from their photo? It’s a problem which the marketing department also runs into, often there just isn’t any authentic content.


Companies often struggle with their social media identity.Lacking quality photographs and videos, companies use stockphoto’s on their site and socials – or no visuals at all. SoMeCentral helps companies survive in the Age of Instagram by providing companies with a platform where authentic content can be stored and shared.

Anyone in the company can become a content creator, and all content is automatically available for use by the SoMe managers. And while Denmark is home for SoMeCentral, this service is available to all.


For small enterprises, SoMe has a free plan which supports 1 admin, 2 users, hosting 3000 photo’s and 100 videos. Larger plans start at $ 195 / month.


#2 Mugato – get a mugshot of your IT-infrastructure

IT-systems tend to grow overtime. Workarounds are invented, new systems are built and old systems are integrated. Quite often, a new digital transformation project is problematic as it turns out the innovations don’t match well with the existing infrastructure.


Danish SaaS- Mugato helps you to map the existing infrastructure, helping you implement new projects faster and within budget. Mugato does all this automatically, regardless of whether your company has services on-site, outsourced or in the cloud – or a mix of the three.


Mugato maps the infrastructure and visualizes the data and traffic flow making it easier to understand the dynamics of your IT infrastructure. It even keeps track of all the functionalities and the many interdependencies which can exist between the parts.


If you struggle with a complex IT-infrastructure, Mugato gives you a quick mugshot, so that you can get the job done.


#3 Nemo – 20,000 Leagues of Legends

Work hard, play hard. It’s not just business services which are offered as SaaS-services. League of Legends is a well-known online game (and a SaaS as well) which has become a very important name in the world of eSports.


And just like with more traditional sports, teams do everything to win. In baseball, everything is tracked: batting average, speed of the ball, your running speed. In football, analysts look at your strength, your accuracy and stamina. Every little thing is measured and analysed, looking for improvement. The same happens in League of Legends.


A couple of people from Denmark decided to build a tool to facilitate the analyses of their gameplay, and then made it available as a SaaS. That SaaS has become Nemo, which is now available in beta. It enhances teamwork, helps you figure out epic builds and manipulate the opposition.


#4 Whaii – better screening ensures better hires

HR professionals have to screen a lot of candidates. The goal is to get the best candidate for the job. That means you want to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to hire talent, and you want to avoid failed hires.


Whaii is a Danish SaaS recruitment platform which automates the whole candidate screening process. Using the documents already available (CV, cover letter, and so forth, Whaii does not only check for hard criteria, such as diplomas and experience, but also screens the candidates personality, value, work ethic and other skills.


#5 Elvium – Intuitive Recruitment

If you want to automate more than just the screening of candidates, you might want to turn to Elvium. This SaaS from Denmark promises an intuitive recruitment system which supports hiring and on-boarding. Elvium takes care of a lot of the paperwork, enabling the HR professional to focus at the person being hired.


#6 Senti

The Danish Senti describes itself as an open source IoT Serviceplatform and data hub. It can collect data from all sorts of sensors, networks and other sources and converts the resulting IoT- or SmartCity-data in clear and visualizations which can be used to decrease your carbonfootprint and increase the sustainability of your company or home.


#7 Delogue – for more sustainable fasion

The world of fashion, apparal and lifestyle is always on the move. One glitch in the supply chain, and you’ve lost the race.

Delogue, based in Copenhagen (Denmark) is a SaaS is already used by more than 8000 companies in the apparel and lifestyle industry. Delogue is the backbone of your company. From product design to collection planning, from collaboration with suppliers to sourcing and cost management, Delogue helps you keep your supply chain transparent.


#8 Turnpikes – a good decision

Danish Turnpikes offers not 1, not 2, but three different SaaS-services. Though these SaaS all deal with a different part of business, they have one thing in common: it’s all about simplication of processes and putting the available data to better use.


Turnpikes VIM (Vendor Invoice Management) streamlines the whole process of paying your suppliers. Turnpikes Insights & Analytics (I&A) helps your team improve their decision making by grabbing the data from your SAP and turning it into a clear KPI-based dashboard. And finaly there’s Turnpikes Enterprise Content Management, which is all about –indeed- Content Management.


#9 ASA – Keeps you flying

It’s important that you can trust your tools. Especially when that tool is an airplane. ASA is all about airplane and helicopter maintenance. It also supports Aero clubs and flight schools.


#10 Omsorgsbemanding – better planning for better care

Planning and rostering is vital in care and cure. Despite technological advances, many care and security firms still use a spreadsheet for the planning and rostering. With Omsorgsbemanding, a SaaS developed in Denmark planning becomes a breeze. Using the app, your staff can easily let you know their availability during the week. Figure out the best way of dividing shifts, and easily fill the gaps by hiring temps.


#11 No1 retail

Don’t you hate it when you need different systems in your store? As a retailer, you want to spend your time helping your customers. Your computer systems just need to work. No1 retail is a Danish SaaS which does exactly that. It integrates the cash register, with mobile payments and even supports self-checkout. It goes beyond your physical store though, as it also integrates your webshop, ensuring your inventory is always up to date. It even has it’s own loyalty programme. 

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