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10 SaaS Companies from Germany to keep an eye on

The time that we had to look at Silicon Valley for a top-notch IT-solution is long gone. Choosing one of these German SaaS-providers not only allows you to take advantage of the famous German ingenuity, you can rest assured that these products match the European way of doing business.

And, not unimportantly, German SaaS-solutions are always GDPR-compliant.


German corporate SaaS solutions

#1 Demodesk – it’s almost like being face-to-face

Chances are you sales team uses Microsoft Teams or Zoom to meet up with clients. Getting these online meetings to work sometimes is a bit troublesome. Demodesk has built an online solution which combines HD videoconferencing with a collaborative workspace.

No downloads required, everyone can just click the link and start the conversation, while –for instance- looking at your slides.

Demodesk makes online meetings a lot easier, leaving your clients with a more positive experience. Instead of showing them a live view of your desktop (including those annoying notifications when an email arrives), Desktop creates a clean and clear environment without distractions. And since you can communicate easier, chances of you actually closing the deal are a lot higher.

The basic version of Demodesk costs $19 per user, per month.


#2 Brandmaker

Your brand is your identity. No wonder that companies invest heavily in building and maintaining their brands. Brandmaker provides an integrated solution for Marketing Resource Management, from marketing budget planning, via campaign planning and execution to content distribution, it’s all done within the Brandmaker environment. Of course, this German SaaS also keeps track of all relevant metrics and provides clear and understandable reports. Brandmaker even allows you to localize your brands.


#3 Commercetools – next level e-commerce

This SaaS-provider from Germany (and the Netherlands) has been in business for a while, and has proven that it is indeed possible to create an e-commerce platform which caters to every possible platform. Using a flexible API, it helps you to tap into the commercial potential of traditional online channels like web shop, apps and social media platforms. Commercetools goes beyond those channels, though; it also helps you connect to the Internet-of-Things, communicates with modern cars and wearables. It’s even ready for a future of VR-applications.

Commercetools has a 60-day free trial.


#4 Pass Creator

We spend more and more time looking at our phone. Sometimes, it seems our whole lives are stored in our smartphone. Pass Creator enables companies to easily take the leap and make themselves present on the consumers’ smartphone.

It can be as simple as a basic discount voucher, but Pass Creater also enables companies to set up and run their customer loyalty programme. Pass Creator helps you sell one time access-tickets, or enables you to digitize a membership card. It even enables you to send push notifications to your users which show up on the lock screen of their smartphone.

Pass Creator is perfectly scalable. Your monthly costs are dependant on the number of monthly users. The first 5 users are free, after that you pay a fee of (at most) € 0,08 per user.


#5 Simplifier

It’s a natural development: when a company grows, the software used needs to adapt to new and changing demands. This often leads to a very complex software landscape, with new and old applications being used simultaneously. This leads to data being stored at several different locations. This is inefficient, and increases the chance of errors being made.

Simplifier make life easier for companies. This German SaaS-supplier enables companies to build their own, fully integrated, enterprise application. No coding knowledge is required, and you end up with a corporate app which is perfectly aligned with your day-to-day business.

Priced at € 0,50 per user, Simplifier is very competitive compared to other SaaS-solutions.


SaaS for developers

Developing apps and software should not be constricted by the tools you have available. The following SaaS-solutions will make your development team happy.


#6 Featureplanner

Which part of a project do you think is most vital for the chances of succeeding? It’s the startup phase. It is easy to cut corners and immediately go to work, but experienced developers know that it’s good to take your time to make  a proper list of features and requirements. Fail here, and you end up adding extra features later on… usually costing a lot more effort than if you had started out with them.

The German SaaS takes you through the steps one by one, resulting in a list of requirements which not only lists what the application should be able to do, but also which features are available for which user roles. allows you to design your user management in an early stage, and makes it easy to see how the different features and users relate to one another.

Featureplanner cost about € 9 per project.


#7 GraphAPI – integrate those apps

Sometimes you browse the app store and see several apps which can do part of what you need. That one app which perfectly matches what you are looking for, however, doesn’t seem to exist.

You could of course decide to develop all those features by yourself. But why would you not take advantage of what exists?

GraphAPI helps you to integrate existing apps into a system which works for you. As the name already gives away, API’s are the way to go. GraphAPI is GraphQL-based, guaranteeing a free flow of data, regardless of client platform.


#8 GraphCMS

Many existing Content Management Systems (CMS) were originally developed in a time that mobile internet was still relatively small. The Internet of Things existed only in the minds of visionaries back then. Since then, both have gone through an enormous growth, forcing the developers of CMS to adapt. However, they are somewhat limited by their history.

GraphCMS is GraphQL based, meaning it’s well-equipped for the modern day online environment.

The end-user will probably not notice much of the innovations GraphCMS offers, but for companies, this SaaS is a godsend. With only one single SaaS you can collect data and distribute data through all your channels, be it your website, your app or any other online datapoint you can come up with.

This makes implementing your integrated omnichannel marketing strategy a lot easier!


Other handy SaaS-solutions from Germany

#9 Airfocus – for better decisions

There’s a whole science about how decision making in teams work. The theory of deciding is easy. But in practice, priorities shift and conditions change. Airfocus is all about the practical side of strategic planning and roadmapping.

The intuitive prioritization system helps managers decide which projects show the most potential and the best ROI.  Airfocus translates objective KPI regarding costs, input and returns  into clear and understandable visualisations which lead to clear decisions. They really found that sweet spot between hard data and user-friendly presentation.

A subscription to Airfocus starts at €27/month.


#10 Podigee – monetize your podcast

The popularity of podcasts is overwhelming. A quick visit to the app store tells us that users who want to listen to podcasts have a wide choice of apps available. The options for podcasters, however, are not so overwhelming.

If you are an established or an aspiring podcaster, you definitely need to check out Podigee. Podigee helps you distribute your podcasts, analyse statistics and helps you monetize using IAB-approved reports. Basically, Podigee does everything for you, except creating the content. It enhances the audio of uploaded files and it ensures your podcast is distributed to the major app platforms. It even automatically adds metadata and tracks user statistics. These user statistics can be converted in reports which you can use to gain insights in your audience, allowing you to continuously improve your performance. At the same time, Podigee uses your user data to provide IAB-reports, which will turn out to be quite valuable when trying to convince a potential advertiser.

Podigee offers a 14-day free trial. After that you pay a subscription fee of $13-33 a month.

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