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10 Email Marketing SaaS Companies

You may have read reports about how email marketing has been replaced by social media. Instagram and Facebook marketing has indeed been all the marketing hype. But the occurrence of a new opportunity to reach your clients does not mean you should chuck a method that has tested and proven effective out with the trash. Just like Mark Twain, email marketing has a strong message: “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”!


When done right, email marketing is still an incredibly powerful tool. We’d argue that no serious marketing strategy can do without proper email marketing.


The following 10 SaaS companies help you get your email marketing right.


#1 ActiveCampaign 

Active Campaign was founded in 2003. Since the first product launch, ActiveCampaign has been under constant development. As a result, this product is not just a simple email marketing SaaS company, it’s much more. Apart from the usual features such as email marketing, marketing automation, and analytics, this SaaS also includes CRM. The biggest USP of ActiveCampaign is their machine learning, which helps you segment your client base and helps build personalized promotions across email, social, messaging, chat, and other campaigns.


#2 Stensul

Compared to ActiveCampaign, Stensul is a newcomer. Founded in 2016, Stensul offers a centralized email generation platform that can be entirely pre-configured for your brand. Based in the cloud, Stensul offers great scalability.

The clean, simple, and intuitive interface make blasting out email campaigns a breeze. No HTML-knowledge is required, not even the basics. You simply create your emails directly on the WYSYWIG-platform and send them to your clients and prospects.


#3 Dynamic Yield 

Every online marketer worth their salt knows that A/B-testing is the way to perfect emails. In theory, A/B-testing is simple: just send out two versions, and see which converts best. In practice, however, not all companies have access to the technology you need for proper A/B-testing.

Dynamic Yield brings this technology to your company. And not just that, the A/B-testing is used by the Dynamic Yield AI to optimize and personalize all interactions with your customers. Other features Dynamic Yields offers are Machine Learning, predictive analytics, and synchronized digital customer experiences.


#4 Iterable 

Iterable, too, does not describe itself as an email marketing SaaS company. Rather, they introduce themselves as a “growth marketing platform”. Despite claims that they are building new technology, the presence of email marketing is pretty strong with this SaaS company from San Francisco.


Iterable tells companies to “stop marketing as if it’s 2015”. Instead, we need to address our customers as individuals. Of course, we should use their tools to do so. Data science, machine learning, and AI optimize send-time, channel, and frequency optimization for each individual customer.


#5 LeadBI South Africa

The name says it all LeadBI South Africa is a South African SaaS platform for Marketing Automation. This young platform (founded in June 2020) focuses on B2B companies, communication agencies, and web marketing agencies. Although BI is the main core of the product LeadBI South Africa offers, the plethora of marketing features makes LeadBI a pretty useful tool. The platform offers email marketing, transactional mail, bulk mails, and even SMS-services. It also comes with analytics, creators for pop-up forms and landing pages, and of course a handy newsletter campaign creator.


#6 FulFillKit

You can’t argue with science. Fulfillkit was founded this year and promises us more than just a SaaS email marketing solution. This platform promises us scientific email marketing. How? By using the scientific method: run an experiment to optimize your email marketing approach, gather data, and then make informed decisions.

FulFillKit lets you create automated sequences of emails. By simultaneously running different versions of these sequences, real-time A/B-testing is a piece of cake. Experiment, see what works, and follow up on that. Your marketing campaign too can “stand on the shoulders of giants”.


#7 CM Group 

Nashville, Tennessee is the home of country music. The people behind CM group aren’t cowboys, though. CM Group was formed in 2017, with three leading brands in email marketing decided to join forces. Since this SaaS company has been acquiring more and more useful marketing brands. It’s not just Campaign Monitor, Delivra and Emma anymore, nowadays CM Group also houses Liveclicker, Sailthru, Selligent, and Vuture.

Having made so many acquisitions, CM Group can provide a SaaS email marketing solution for everyone imaginable, from a blogging startup to an established editorial team, from a mom-and-dad-shop to a huge enterprise. And if one of the tools no longer matches your needs, you can seamlessly migrate to one of the other products CM Group has to offer.


#8 Mailjet 

Abraham Lincoln is often reported to have said: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

He probably wasn’t talking about the quality provided by email marketing companies, but it’s still relevant today. French email marketing SaaS-company works for 26,000 clients in 156 countries, sending a whopping 1 billion emails every month. And they’ve been in business since 2010. Such a track record shows quality.

The cleverly designed API means you can flexibly integrate Mailjet into almost any software ecosystem. What makes Mailjet special? It’s not just the analytics it offers, nor is it the campaign comparison. The unique feature of this email marketing SaaS-company is that they’ve moved beyond


A/B-testing, and introduced A/X-testing. This allows you to test more campaigns at once, leading to a much steeper learning curve.



Modern, fully integrated, and working to boost engagement and conversions. That’s what aims to be. was founded in 2015 and received half a million dollars in seed capital. Still working from this first capital injection, offers you a marketing automation platform combining marketing, sales, and online support.

The company focuses mainly on small and medium-sized businesses, helping you engage visitors in a way that turns prospects into leads, and leads into conversions.

Email marketing is one of the instruments offered by Other tools are dynamic content, chatbot, visitor tracking, CRM, and more.


#10 Reelevant 

Frankly, Reelevant might object to being included in this list. “We don’t make email”, they state. Instead: “We reinvent this channel (..) No email, be Reelevant”.

What does this mean?

We have all seen the product recommendations on webshops. Often, these recommendations are for similar products. Sometimes, they are for related products. For instance, a customer who just bought a yoga mat might be interested in yoga pants. Quite often, these recommendations come after the customer has made their purchase.

According to the people from Reelevent, this is an obsolete way of making recommendations. They think that the old style of recommending products is the reason why 9 out of 10 people ignore email content. Most email campaigns are, in their view, boring.

The only way to really grab the attention of your clients is by doing the unexpected. Reelevant is a pioneer in the field of Unexpected Relevant Content. They built a tool that provides “on-demand” relevant content.

Simple as this concept is, the difference is huge. Instead of sending emails with content that is relevant at the time of sending, Reelevant found a way of building emails that are dynamic, showing content that is relevant at the moment the email is opened.


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