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10 Czech SaaS Companies to watch in 2020 ?

During Easter, Czech women can expect to be spanked on the backside with a willow whip and the men can expect to have cold water thrown on them.

This is all part of the fertility rites which Czechs still strongly associated with Easter Time.  Source

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Besides this awesome Eastern ritual, Czech Republic is known for its highly educated workforce, great food, and culture. The location is perfect for a getaway hub of Berlin or Vienna. That’s why decided to take a look at the SaaS ecosystem of the Czech Republic and create a list of 10 promising SaaS companies to watch in 2020.

1. Smartlook – Smartlook was founded in 2016 by  Petr Janošík. Smartlook allows companies to analyze their website, using heatmaps and recordings. Its tool helps business owners get more data about their website and help marketeers and ux designers to see which buttons or CTA’s get clicks. The startup has had several funding rounds, the last one was in 2019 to even scale the team and company further.


2. – Wereldo – Wereldo was founded in 2018 by Tomáš Zahradník. Wereldo is on a mission to make logistics easier, cost-efficient, and faster. They help companies to ship products or goods by plane, truck, train, or container all over the world. The company has recently got funded and is, therefore, one to keep your eyes on in 2020.


3. Spendee– Spendee was founded in 2017 by Jakub Sechter. Spendee has an app that helps users get their money into shape. You can easily track your cash flow, understand your financial habits and make everything regarding spending stress-free.  The last funding round came from Google Developers in 2018, and is therefore one to keep following in 2020.


4- Good Data- Gooddata was founded in 2008 by Roman Stanek. Good data is a SaaS company that provides Analytics information for its users. They connect customer, partner, employee, and franchise data. Connect your data sources to Gooddata and they will show you all the numbers. They are hiring lots of people and expanding, interesting phase.


5- Mews– Mews was founded in 2012 by Richard Valtr. Mews is the all in one property management system for Hotels. They help Hotel owners with more bookings, guest engagement, and team management. Mews secured a 41.6 million Series B round of funding in August 2019. Interesting to keep following their growth in 2020.


6- Survio– Survio was founded in 2012 by Ondřej Coufalík. Survio helps its users by creating a free survey. It is easy to use survey software for customer satisfaction, employee feedback, market research, and other online questionnaires. Survio has secured a 200k funding round, interesting companies to follow. Go the Czech Republic.


7- Reservio– Reservio was founded in 2012 by František Mazuch. Reservio offers free appointment scheduling software. Make more appointments, with less time scheduling. Everything works online in the cloud and is offered as a SaaS. Pretty curious about what the growth of this SaaS Company will be in 2020.


8- Smartguide– Smartguidewas founded in 2017 by Jan Dolezal. Smartguide aims to make every smartphone into a private guide with Augmented Reality. This SaaS application offers a private guide, guiding visitors around and taking them to interesting places. This startup closed its Series B funding in March of 2019, so definitely interesting to keep following this online guide.


9-  Behavera– Behavera was founded in 2015 by Igor Kubicek. Behavera helps companies to improve the candidate experience, automate the hiring process, and make better personal decisions based on data. Focussed on in the HR SaaS Industry. Interesting stuff, lets keep an eye on this SaaS company.


10- ROI Hunter-ROI Hunter was founded in 2013 by Karel Tlusťák. ROI Hunter turns product feeds into ads. They help marketers and store owners with creating high converting ads for social media. The company has raised over 4.4million in investments over the first series of rounds.


As you can see the SaaS industry is growing in Europe with some amazing startup and saas companies in the Czech Republic. If you have any SaaS companies to add please let us know.


Good luck! 

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