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Co-working spaces in Amsterdam ?‍?‍?‍?

CBS did research in growth of freelancers in The Netherlands. 


The amount of freelancers has doubled in the last 10 years In Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. 


In-line with this growth the amount of co-working spaces in Amsterdam has been growing as well. They all have a kind of similar business model; they rent out tables or small offices. Besides that members can rent meeting rooms and use the catering for lunch. 


Although the business model is pretty similar, they all target different interest and different communities. I tried to list the well-known ones but also try to find some funky Co-Working Spaces in Amsterdam. If you have any more to add please let me know 🙂 It’s always interesting to check outa new or different Co-Working Space in Amsterdam


Well know Brands: 


We Work Amsterdam 



Afbeeldingsresultaat voor wework amsterdam

Big multi locational with Co Working Spaces over the whole world. They where one of the first to come up with this business model so definitely a leader in this industry. They have a community where members can interact and help each other to grow there company. Focussed on startups in general, growth companies and tech companies. 


SaaScommunity opinion: Convenient, Multi locations, community is huge. Not really a unique or distinctive target group. 



Spaces Amsterdam 


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor spaces amsterdam

In Amsterdam alone Spaces has 3 Co Working Spaces.They have inspiring work environments where they try to  inspire their members to be creative and innovative. They also organize interesting events and workshops. Community is also very big because they are multi locational. So high possibilities to find interesting connections in the Spaces Community. 


SaaScommunity opinion: Convenient, Multi locations, community is huge. Not really a unique or distinctive target group. 



Local Brands: 




Afbeeldingsresultaat voor TQ amsterdam

I have worked for 2 years in TQ so think I can give a great and honest review about their Co Working Space. Joined as one of the first members I have seen TQ grow over the years. Community has grown into high growing members. Companies that are located in TQ are a bit further than a Freelancer or startup that just stared. The companies inTQ have been active for some time and grown past startup phase. The member area is where freelancers work is in the top floor. TQ is founded by TNW and therefor a local business and brand. Great company and fun people. 


 The location is amazing but has it’s downsides as well. If you ever have to reach TQ by car, I would advice you to take the train and walk from central station. It’s located in the hart of Amsterdam and therefor hard to reach by car. 


Events are well organized because TQ is part of the Google for entrepreneurs network. They Co Organize inspiring workshops and events. Could be interesting to learn from the best. 


SaaScommunity opinion: Local Amsterdam community, Location is great, Scale- up Community, Amazing events and workshops. 



B Amsterdam 


Gerelateerde afbeelding

The B building is huge. It’s a creative workspace for eduction, innovation and growth. Located a bit far for from the city center but If you have a car it’s very convenient. A year ago I had an event in B building and the organization was perfect. They have a lot of spaces for events & workshops. If you are planning to organize a bigger event for lets say around 100 people B has no problem facilitating this. The facilities are great, they have a restaurantp, bar, gym and everything you need as a Freelancer or Start -Up. Community is focus on growth companies, startups and tech-companies. Over the years the concept has grown and therefor they now have 3 B.Buildings ( if it’s not more at this moment ) 


SaaScommunity opinion: Local Amsterdam community, Location good for car, Scale- up Community, Amazing event-space. 



Specific target Co working Spaces


Thinking Hut 


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor the thinking hut amsterdam

As they brand it themselves: Co working space for creatives. Creative, industrial and cosy with a Human touch. Well I couldn’t describe it any better 😉 Freelancers in marketing, web developement , content and creatives gather here to help each other and learn. 


SaaScommunity opinion: Local Amsterdam niche community, Human touch, small but interesting community. 




A Lab 


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor alab amsterdam

There is always something happening in A Lab. Vertica lFarming, Filming something awesome or a festival about Journalism. You can all find it at A Lab. I think the general vibe I got from A Lab is; Art &Culture mixed with Tech. Located in Noord just next to ‘’ het pondje ‘’ it’s great located if you travel by train or bike. Community is very unique and therefor interesting to learn and see what other people are doing. Not so sure if it’s interesting if your a marketing freelancer for example but who knows. 


SaaScommunity opinion: Local Amsterdam niche community, Unique concepts, interesting community and great location. 




A’dam Tower 



Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Adam Tower amsterdam

Next to A Lab is the Adam Tower located. In the top of the Adam tower they have a Co Working Space with the most amazing view I have seen in Amsterdam. The offices and Co Working Spaces are a bit exclusive. The interior is also very exclusive, everything looks amazing but very fancy. In the top of the Adam Tower they have bar for Vrijmibo ( Friday drinks where Dutch people get hammered ) and they have free happy hour from 17 til 18. Amazing place with an amazing view. Community is divers and I get the feeling they are still scaling the member area. Some empty desks so if you are looking for something this could be your chance. 


SaaScommunity opinion: Amazing location with a view. Growing community, exclusive vibe. 




Treehouse tribe


Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 2 mensen

Where kindness meets business. Helping each other and bringing the human side to business. This is all what the Treehouse Tribe is about. They have a Co Working Space in Amsterdam Noord. They also have a funbase where people can let there guard down and be a child. Playing game swith different members and getting to know each other that way. 


SaaScommunity opinion: Local Amsterdam niche community, Human touch, small but interesting community. 



Well I think there are plenty of more amazing Co Working Spaces in Amsterdam which I need to check out. Im always interested in jumping on my bike and check out a new location. Do you know any please send me an invite and brew a nice pot of coffee 🙂 



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