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Awesome SaaS events in Europe 

Let’s say you want to attend an event.

And at that point you realize you have absolutely no idea about events. 


We get that


That’s why we have selected the best events in Europe to got to as a SaaS business. 

We have made 2 section; Pure SaaS Conferences and Tech Conferences with a SaaS angle.




Pure SaaS Conference 





Saastr Europe

Saastr is a well know brand in the Software as a service industry. I follow Jason Lemkin for quite some time now and have great respect for him. Saastr organizesa big event in Paris every year called: saastreurope. If you are interested in meeting founders from SaaS companies or find potential investors this is the place to go. Besides that, what a great excuse to go to Paris and have anamazing weekend in this city.

Go for it! 


More info:






SaaStock Dublin

Another great example of a well know brand is SaaStock. They organize events in Latin America, Australia, China and in Dublin Europe. Bootcamps, great speakers,sessions and pre parties in local pubs is all included in SaaStock Dublin. They also have a startup program with pitches. So if you are a starting SaaS business you might want to check it out. I have been to Dublin a year ago, it’s not the most beautiful city in the world but still very fun. 



More info:




SaaS Monster Europe – Lisbon Web Summit 


SaaS Monster Europe

SaaS Moster is part of the Lisbon Web summit organization. As they describe it on their own website it seems like they are focussing more on Cloud & Datasecurity SaaS companies. The overal feeling I get from this event is that it leans more towards Enterprise SaaS Solutions. So no Indiehackers or bootstrapped business but big corporates with huge budgets. That could also be interesting to check out and meet new people. Besides that, its hosted inLisbon which is one of my favorite cities in Europe. 



More info:



Tech conference with SaaS angle 





Slush Helsinki Event

Probably one of the biggest Tech events in Europe if not the biggest. Want to learn morea bout new technologies, growing your SaaS business or meet new people. Slush isthe place to be. Amazing speakers, lots of different things to explore and to learn. I heard they have amazing parties at Slush as well, so thats always agood idea to join 😉 Helsinki is a great city. But do bring your wintercoat, it is insane cold. 


More info:



TNW Amsterdam 


The Next Web Event Amsterdam

One from my hometown Amsterdam; The Next Web conference. I have been to TNW the last 3 editions and really enjoy it. Great speakers, big focus on startups and new technologies. They also have pitching competitions for startups to win investments and get introduced to investors. The venue area is great. TNW is also a good excuse to go for a weekend Amsterdam. 


More info:




Events can be useful for prospecting, networking or finding VC’s. I think it super important to do your homework and make a plan and a goal for a certain event. What do you want to get out of it? And what is your goal?

How do you want to meet or what workshop do you want to visit to learn from. Well you get the point!


Go get em, good luck building your SaaS company and join great events now! 😎



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