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Get exposure and traffic for your vacancies

Find your next employee on the #1 SaaS job board

How it works

Automatically add all your vacancies to the SaaS community. We created software to do all the heavy lifting.
Your new vacancies will be automatically added to our platform and deleted when you take them off your website.

Set up in 3 simple steps:

1. Upload your URL

Add your career or jobs URL to our software. All vacancies will be published on the community.

2. Scraping bot

New vacancies on your website will be automatically published on the community.

3. Sit back

Relax and collect leads and traffic for your vacancies. Automated and hassle free.


  • All your vacancies
  • Collect traffic
  • Automatic scraping

One time fee

  • 3 months duration
  • All your vacancies
  • Collect traffic
  • Automatic scraping


  • Yearly plan
  • Bulk options
  • Partnership
Contact sales

Three benefit of adding you SaaS vacancies to the community.

VIsible to thousands of job seekers that visit the community

Drive traffic to your career pages for lead generation

Reach the right audience

Some of our members

We get valuable leads and introductions that have interest in our product and services. Ohyoon
Sharing knowledge and information with other CEO’s helps me as an entrepreneur. John
Great place to get valuable information and introductions. James
Efficient and easy way to get global traffic to your business. Besides that; very valuable content. Melanie


Can I get more info?

Sure, for more info check out this video.

How does the scraping work?

We have created a scraping software that works on your career page. Add your URL to our software and we will automatically add all your vacancies on the SaaS community. It works two ways: if you add a new vacancy on your website it will be added to our jobboard as well. If you delete a vacancy from your website it will be deleted from our jobboard as well. 

How does the pricing work?

We have two options: subscription or a one-time fee. Depends on the recruitment time and the efforts amount of leads you want to collect. Both work the same only have a different duration.


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