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SaaS Recruitment, A Never Ending War

Last saturday I had a Christmas dinner with 22 friends 

I sat next to Tim, he is the owner of a coffee company

We chatted about his company and his struggles at this point 

He told me:

Recruitment feels like a never ending war that eats up all my money, time and resources. 

Today’s job market is overheated 

How do I find new talents for your business? 

I think my friend isn’t the only one struggling with this topic

So I decided to dig into this and write a blog with some tips & tricks to find those gems 


Recruitment Tips Finding SaaS Talents

1. Expand your recruitment channels 

This may sound kind of logic but try to find as many possible channels as possible. Make persona´s of who you want to hire and think where these kind of people read their news, are on social media or follow certain blogs / forums. Don’t ́t just focus on one channel but find as many as you can. Also do check out our SaaS Vacancy page 😉 Could be useful. 

2‍. Linkedin Automation 

I am a big fan of Duxsoup. This tool lets you automate LinkedIn invites with custom messages. To use Duxsoup you need to use Sales Navigator from Linkedin so be sure to buy that before you purchase Duxsoup. Filter in Sales Navigator on your potential candidates and let this bot invite people with a URL to your application page on your website. Automate this process and see if any people apply for your business. 

3. Start a referral program 

Y‍our current employees can help you with your war on recruitment. Think of a referral program for hiring new talents and let your employees share this with their friends/ family. If you hire somebody your employee gets rewarded. Could be successful if you give them a great deal for bringing in new people. 

4. Outsourcing

‍There are loads of recruitment firms / freelancer recruiters who have build up a solid network of potential new hires. Downside is it can be really expensive so try to make a great deal on a new hire. For example ask your LinkedIn network to send you to the best recruiter in town. 

5. Analyze your recruitment process 

Applicant tracking has become important in the hiring process for your SaaS Company. The candidate journey is a topic I have been reading a lot about. Make it frictionless to join your application process. Of Course there are enough applicant tracking SaaS tools so do check out the SaaS Database to find the perfect fit for your business. 

Good luck scaling your team! Want to know how to align your team? Read this blog

Let me know your thoughts 🎯

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