JOIN Sign In secures €300K pre-seed investment for streamline SaaS

Employees are now slowly beginning their return to the workplace, but most teams are to some extent still working remote and probably will be for a while.

In this new reality the demand for SaaS is growing but so is the chaos of managing all the tools in use and keeping the company SaaS stack relevant, optimised and compliant.

The need for companies to automate and optimise this process in real time is now more relevant than ever.

SaaS is taking over the world

Over the last ten years we’ve seen dramatic changes in how businesses use technology to run their business, due to a move to cloud enabled software subscriptions. This new age of SaaS won because it delivered better products, improved usability, more choices, lower costs and easier deployment. It also led to an explosion in the number of SaaS vendors across the entire technology stack, from core products like email and security to increasingly specific domain tools to optimise marketing, sales, product development, engineering and nearly every function.

The explosion in SaaS is not problem free

It’s become so easy for individual teams and departments to adopt amazing SaaS tools that it’s easy to forget that moving key strategic operational and IT decisions to the edges of the organisation also brings challenges, specifically to operations, security and finance.

Operations teams need to know which tools that are critical in order to deliver their offering. Finance needs to help keep a SaaS Company within their budget goals, which means not wasting money on products they’re not using and having accurate forecasts. IT needs to keep the companies’ information safe and secure, which relies on knowing exactly where all that data is going.

All of these needs, while critical, can easily be forgotten in a world where it’s so easy to sign up for new tools and services. In fact, there’s a term used to describe products that “unprincipled” employees sign up for outside of IT/ops approval: “Shadow IT”. These “unprincipled” employees are trying to be more productive, not trying to risk the company’s data.

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Introducing – One SaaS tool to rule them all!

We started Oveo to help companies leverage technology more effectively. To focus on what they love, what they’re best at, what differentiates them, while making sure they’re staying productive and secure. We want to humanise and simplify IT and technology management.

One of the first steps to enable that is to stop treating employees like security risks to minimis and start leveraging the intelligence spread throughout the entire organisation. We believe in leveraging – not fighting – “Shadow IT”.

Today we’re starting with phase 1 in that vision, with a free tool that helps companies of all sizes instantly and automatically identify all the SaaS products they’re using internally. This helps companies rest easy, check if products meet their security and compliance guidelines and easily aggregate valuable product intelligence.

A bit more about

We started Oveo to help companies feel confident they’re making the right technology choices, without feeling overwhelmed. This was born out of our own experience (and pain) building and working for technology companies over the last decade. We’ve seen how far SaaS tools have come to simplify and automate business operations and we want to continue and accelerate that trend.

To help achieve this vision, we’re excited to announce a €300.000 pre-seed round, led by 70ventures. In addition to 70ventures, we’re lucky enough to have experienced entrepreneurs and VP’s as founders who has also co-invested.

Learn more at or follow us on Linkedin for updates on our journey.

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Morten Søndergaard, CIO/Co-Founder and Michael Fornander, CEO/Co-Founder.

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