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€6 million Raised by Majelan for Podcast Industry Disruption ?

Who is Majelan?

Majelan is a French Startup platform for podcast production and distribution has a total of €10 million funds after raising €6 million for their podcast industry desruption.

The funds arise from new investors such as BPI-France as well as their previous investors like Idinvest Partner fund. And not forgetting to mention Xavier Niel, a French tech billionaire whom had an interview with concerning his investment venture into the scene of Paris. Also, he is among the shareholders with is a promise signaling.

Majelan platform stands across Spotify and Netflix. Developed in 2018 summer, it is Mathieu Gallet brainchild concept, who is the former Radio France CEO. Also including Arthur Perticoz Wynd, a well known Entrepreneur. The platform serves to attract podcasts in thousands from other platforms the transform them into a single interface for the purpose of improving the listening experience.

Majelan basis model is ‘freemium’ and it includes a premium offer of exclusive content that is accessible at a monthly fee of €4.99. In the same context, the start has a launch of personal audio content meant to compete with Louie Media and Binge Audio which are well established already. Up to date, this Saas Company has a claim of offering about 30 exclusive and original programs through its platform.

Initially, the platform had encountered bits of challenges with part of the thirteen million episodes it had gathered not wishing to make appearance on the platform. Through this project defence by all cost, Mathieu Gallet also ran into more challenges on July with Google play platform.

CEO Gallet stated “Podcasts are growing in popularity in France, with more than 4 million people in France listening each month, a 25% increase over last year. In the United States, where this market is more advanced, 73 million Americans already use podcasts every month”

Majelan mean’s to use these funds in boosting the company’s production of exceptional podcasts as well as global expansion. After the launch of 5G Smartphone’s with the convenience and development of user experience through listening ability and other task performance at the same time, the market podcast is still growing.  

An example of the tasks including commuting and in contrast to features which require higher demand like video or texting. According to 2018 statistics on Europeans, 27.9% of them claimed to be listeners of podcast with countries that top including Sweden, Ireland and Spain.

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