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€4.2 million raised Prop-Tech startup Thing-IT

Who is Thing-IT?

The Hamburg-Based Prop-tech start-up thing-it is a platform digitalization for intelligent city quarters, smart offices and smart management of facility have raised €4.2 million as Series A financing.

The recent Co-lead investors include Prop-Tech 1 ventures, which is the first European VC dedicated fund focusing precisely on the innovations which are untapped in the real estate industry as well as Ventures based on Cologne Coparion capital fund. Furthermore, the shareholders of Thing-It have made investment again.

Currently, there are 1.3 billion devices connected in the office buildings throughout the world. And this number is still expected to get to 3.3 billion by the time it’s 2022. Digital connection solution serves a wider range of role which is rising and requires an operating system center which is a digitalized platform. This will increase efficiency as well as a streamlined experience for users.

Think-it was developed in 2014 as a pioneer for platforms which are digitalized and serves as network brains of a building that collects signals from all installed sensors, process and give back feedback inform of actuator services.

The advanced sensors, for instance, are essential in optimum room occupancy utilization in a building accordingly. This is through connections like light control, optimized shading, adaptive heating, efficient energy distribution, cooling, and up to 30% energy saving.

What’s more, the thing-it platform is handy in building interaction between the stakeholder within or around the building such as facility manager, employees, tenants as well as owners with each other as well as with the building through an application provided by a touch screen or thing-it

The area of application of these apps includes room booking and communication via access control and use of analysis for simple building system control. Apart from office buildings, this platform is handy in the data center, shopping centers, and all city quarters among other buildings.

This platform delivers SaaS modular system that is highly scalable. The implementation is analogous to software platforms of enterprises by developing a hardware network, integration, operating partners and customized to the requirements of the consumers’ needs. An example of Thing-it projects in lighthouse includes Berlin Cube and Cologne’s Ship.

Prop-Tech1 managing partner, Nikolas Samios gave a comment, “Buildings are becoming more and more connected. This entails various potentials, but at the same time often enormous complexity, which classic real estate developers and, for example, at a later stage also facility managers can barely handle in their operations. Only through smart middleware such as Thing-it can digital real estate be mastered beyond glamorous showcase projects in the mass market.”

According to the CEO and founder, Dr. Marc Gille-Sepheri, the company has showcased exactly what their digitalization platforms offer in terms of value chains and a wide range of functions through production in support of commercial real estate. The ongoing financing round-up is essential in rolling out this performance to a wider market along with our partners. 

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